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I remember very specifically being pregnant for the first time. I never felt nervous, I was very excited and I wanted to be 100% prepared for what was to come. I read all the books, pamphlets, and fliers that came from the Doctors office. I made sure I had a copy of “What to Expect When You are Expecting”. I signed up for numerous online ‘baby progress’ emails so I was sure to know what type of fruit or vegetable I was carrying around each week. When the time came to get ready for the hospital and for bringing the baby home I found list after list of things I would need and then I made more lists of things I thought the other lists had so irresponsibly forgotten to include.
After the baby arrived I looked at the large quantities of “things” I had so carefully selected only to find out that most of them were completely unnecessary. So now, after having gone to the hospital 4 times and after bringing home 4 new babies I have a much better idea of what is really needed. Keep in mind I’m not trying to sell anything so these lists are much smaller than others you might find.
For the Hospital
Cell phone! (phone numbers, camera, etc.)
Cell phone charger
Cameras (video & still)
Slippers and/or Socks
Insurance Documents
Toiletry Items (deodorant, toothbrush, etc)
Clothes for the trip home
Nursing Bra
Clothes for baby to wear home
Receiving Blanket
Car Seat
Baby Fingernail Clippers
Many “going to the hospital” check lists will include things like
  • ·         A stop watch to time contractions (really? I’m sure the hospital monitors can do that just fine),
  • ·         soothing music (so much is going on you probably won’t even notice it is on),
  • ·         favorite pillow and blanket (you have more important things to worry about, let the nurses deal with those types of things),
  • ·         nursing pads and other hygienic needs (the hospital will give you everything you need while you are there, most often you will pay for it whether you use it or not so just use it!),
  • ·         night gown (I always preferred to stay in the hospital gown, no point ruining my own clothes).
The hospital will have clothes and blankets for the baby as well as diapers, wipes, and a pacifier or bottle.
So what about getting the nursery ready and stocking up on all of the baby stuff they sell on the baby isle at the big box store? Surprise, a lot of that stuff is unnecessary as well. There is nothing in the world as fun as having babies. I’d do it every year if I thought I could handle it (which I can’t!). I always feel bad when I see people spending extraordinary amounts of money on things they don’t need only to clutter up their lives, distracting them from what is of value. I know that I am a sucker for buying baby stuff so whenever I am tempted to buy something I probably don’t need I ask myself if the babies born in the 1930’s would have had one. The answer is almost always, no.
Here is a list of things you WILL need at some point during the first 4-8 weeks of you new ones life.
For a printable (PDF) list click HERE
For an editable (Excel) list click HERE


Things you don’t need that baby product suppliers will tell you that you need:
  • Bath Water Thermometer (really? Common sense will save you $10)
  • Cotton Balls and Cotton Swabs For Babies (After 4 kids I still don’t know what you need these for and even if you do just use the ones you have in your bathroom, don’t buy special ones for the baby)
  •  Bottle Warmer (Just use warm water, it will save you time and money)
  • Diaper Pail (YUCK!! This is the most disgusting (and expensive) invention on the planet. Save yourself some very smelly headaches and put your dirty diapers in a plastic grocery sack and take them outside every day!)
  • Mobile or Crib Toy (First of all, it will be months before the baby will even know there is a toy in the crib so why not wait a few months to purchase toys and spread out your baby costs? Second, I have always been of the opinion that cribs are for sleeping not playing so I personally never put anything stimulating in the crib.)
  • Wipe Warmer (I never bought one of these but they sure do seem like a waste of money to me!)
The lists could go on, but one more point I’d like to make is how unnecessary most toys, rattles, and stuffed animals can be. The temptation is great while walking through the stores to buy every cute little accessory that sparks your interest. The truth is most of it is a waste of money. Babies need to hear their parents talk to them and hold them much more than they something rattling in their face. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely against having toys, I have plenty, just don’t ruin your newborn baby experience by surrounding you and the infant with excessive amounts of stuff. Babies are only little for a minute, we need not be distracted by unnecessary clutter. Make a list, buy what you need and then make another list 6 months down the road.


I never had a diaper pail either until I moved to this house and had my daycare in the basement far away from a trash can and upto eight kids a day still in diapers. Then I found one very useful!

By Kristy (not verified)

I think I prefer the smell of messy diapers to the smell of the scented baggies they have. Maybe it was a combination of the two smells plus the extra time they sat in my house that made me sick. Daycare may be a different story for sure.

By jayme

1. If you are using formula (which I had to), they sell these containers that hold 4 bottles worth of formula (pre-measured) for feeding on the go. Turn the lid, dump the contents of that section in a clean bottle, add room temp water, shake and baby is good to go.
2. "Pee pads" water proof pads to place on the changing tables to keep baby from a)touching the changing table and b) from messing it up.
3. A good, sturdy diaper bag big enough to carry plenty of wipes and at least 4 diapers, a clean bottle (and formula+ holder mentioned above), pee pad, a burping cloth or bib, a spare blanket and a change of clothes. Plus I always carried a liter of water for bottle making.

By Jenn (not verified)

The only thing I have to add is that I never needed a scale or used one for my daughter. She came home from the hospital at 4lbs. 8.5oz, then again I'm only 4'10 and I only was 115lbs. when I had her(36 weeks)! That beig said she was perfectly healthy and nothing was wrong with her. I got a pack'n play as a gift and never used the thing. The next baby I hope to cloth diaper and of course the list extends a bit. I also just used receiving blankets as burp cloths when I nursed.

I'm glad you also saw how big of a waste a thermometer was for the tub! Family members kept telling me I just had to get one!

By Jenna (not verified)

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