5 Weeknight Doublers

5 Weeknight Doublers
The concept of freezer meals and once-a-month cooking is all fine and dandy when you have a day to spend cooking multiple meals to stock the freezer. However, sometimes it is just not an option to spend an ENTIRE day in the kitchen; but having something in the freezer for super busy weeknights is just so GREAT. Weeknight doublers are my favorite option for freezer meals.
This menu and grocery list is all you need to prepare 10 meals in 5 days. That means ½ the shopping time, ½ the prep time, ½ the cooking time, and ½ the clean up. Simply double each recipe and freeze the doubled portion for a busy night next month. Theoretically, with great ‘doubler’ recipes you could get away with only cooking every other month!
These recipes are also great for giving away to a neighbor who has recently had a baby or who just moved in!
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