Advanced Cheese Class - Cheddar

Advanced Cheese Class

I have always wanted to learn to make cheese! After all, cheese is simply a way of preserving milk and preserving food is a cherished hobby of mine. I started out taking a few short classes on soft cheeses like cream cheese, mozzarella, and mascarpone. Although I definately haven't mastered the soft cheeses yet I was still ready to move on to the hard stuff. Here are a few pictures from my advanced cheese class.

Cheddar Curd

The separation of curds and whey.

Cheddar Press

Heather putting the curds into the press.

CHeddar Press


After pressing for about 24 hours this is what our Cheddar looks like. It is amazing to see the transformation from the curds to the block of cheese.

Cheddar Wax

Susan, from the Iron Gate Inn, is waxing a different Cheddar that Heather brought from home. Our cheddar needed to dry for a few days before it would be ready to wax. After waxing, the cheese is ready to sit in a cheese cave for at least 60 days.

My husband said he would support this whole cheese making thing if I would learn to make pepper Jack, it should be similar to a Cheddar. I guess it is time to buy a cow!?!




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