Monday Week 1


  Aebleskiver               Burrito BLT Wrap         Fried Chicken Breasts    Crispy French Fries


Tuesday Week 1


Chocolate Banana Muffin    Tuna Patties            Delicious Short Ribs      Asparagus Fries


Wednesday Week 1


Breakfast Ring  Ham and Veggie Pita    Baked Chicken Tacos  No Bake Lemon Cheesecake


Thursday Week 1


 Southwest Chicken Soup    Bacon Meatloaf     Mashed Cauliflower  Smore Cereal Bars


Friday Week 1


Coconut French Toast  Chicken Mushroom Pockets Chili Spaghetti Casserole      Dried Strawberries 


Monday Week 2


Peach Smoothie         English Tuna Melt   Crispy Coconut Chicken     Oreo Cookies


Tuesday Week 2


Cheese Omlet           Chicken Baked Potato    Cheesy Potato Soup          Garbanzo Beans


Wednesday Week 2


Cinnamon and sugar Waffles     Chefs Salad            Snow Crab           Wild Rice With Mushrooms


Thursday Week 2


     Baked Reuben              Quick Lasagna              Roasted Green Beans      Gooey Butter Cake


Friday Week 2


Blueberry Muffins           Chicken Salad Panini             Mexi Chili              No Bake Energy Bites 


Monday Week 3


        Grilled Bacon       Chicken Salad Crepes         Man Pleasing Chicken      Broccoli Cheddar Rice                                   


Tuesday Week 3


    Banana Pancakes        Sour Dough Salami      Chicken Garbage Bread    Favorite Cearal Candy                          

Wednesday Week 3


 Cheesy Pasta Tubes         Citrus Salmon               Coleslaw                       Banana Coconut Dessert


Thursday Week 3


   Avocado Quesadilla        Grapefruit Punch   Garlicky Steak and Asparagus      Marshmallow Popcorn


Friday Week 3


   Chicago Style Hot Dog        Easy Ravioli        Apricot Fruit Salad        PB Yogurt Dipped Almonds


Monday Week 4


Potato and Omelet Muffins  Ham and cheese Sub    Tuscan Pork Chops  Velvet Banana Bread


Tuesday Week 4


Tomato Basil Toast             Tropical Burgers         Bacon Chopped Salad            Bunny Bait


Wednesday Week 4


 Banana Bread Waffles         Chewy Granola     Cheesy Sausage Soup         Garlic Toast


 Thursday week 4


Berry Green Smoothie Grilled Cheese Pork    Popper Chicken           Ranch Mashed Potatoes

Friday Week 4


Breakfast Quesadilla   Tuna and Cabbage Sandwich       Chicken and Broccoli Casserole  Cookie Salad

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