Baby Goats

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Spring is in the AIR!!
I do believe I am ready for spring. The first real sign that winter wouldn’t last forever was the birth of 4 baby goats at the barn. We all waited anxiously for the mama goat to deliver but she was taking her sweet time, we never anticipated she would have FOUR!!
I am always amazed at how resilient animals are. I’m not sure how I would feel about giving birth to four babies and I KNOW I wouldn’t be happy about feeding four babies after they were here, but this mama goat knew just what to do all on her own.
Here are a few other great pictures from recent trips to the barn.
(J5 with two Bantam Mille Fleurs)
(K10 with a giant duck he calls 'Donald')

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This duck is officially named "Launchpad"
as in Launchpad McQuack

By Jace (not verified)

That may be his 'official' name but K10 calles him Donald

By jayme

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