Baptism Booklet

Baptism Booklet

Creating a baptism booklet was a major source of stress for our presidency in the beginning. After looking at many different books we finally copied bits and pieces to make our own (thanks to my councilors for all their hard work!!). Thanks to everyone who put together the bits we borrowed (sorry I don't know who contributed which part). Here is what we came up with.

Print pages front and back on nice cover paper to create an 8 page book about baptism.

PDF Files:

Boy Cover Page

Girl Cover Page

Pages 1-6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

Page 11

Page 12

Page 13

Page 14

Page 15







Thank you for all your hard work!! This is amazing!!

By Rieko (not verified)

Hello - thanks for sharing your great booklet! I am trying to download the pdf files for us to use and it is saying that the page is not found. Have you removed the files? We would love to use this booklet for our program. Let me know, thanks!

By Nikki (not verified)

I am sorry the links are not working. I will try to have them fixed by tomorrow!

By jayme

I just tried to get the PDFs of the baptism booklet you and your presidency put together but it keeps telling me the page can't be found. Did you take it down? I think this is such a great idea and our Presidency wanted to do something similar to it. Thank you for your hard work on this as well. Such a fabulous idea.

By Allison (not verified)

I am so sorry the links are not working. I will do my best to have them fixed by tomorrow!

By jayme

Thanks so much! That would be great. I will check back later then.

By Allison (not verified)

Sorry for the delay - all of the book links should be working now

By jayme

I was unable to download pages 8-15.

By Karen Percival (not verified)

not sure why you weren't able to view pages 8-15? They seem to be working fine now. Try again and let me know if they still wont work and I will email them to you.


By jayme

Thank you for your wonderful packet! The picture of the Savior being baptized isn't printing on the 1st page. Do you have a link to the picture of the girl being baptized as it is coming out fuzzy on my link.

By Bonny (not verified)

The picture of the Savior being baptized isn't digital. Sorry I didn't make that clear. I wanted the picture to be high quality so I bought the picture from Deseret book and glued it on. You can find different LDS Clipart images of girls being baptized if you google LDS Clipart Girl Baptism. Some of the free clipart doesn't blow up very well.

I hope this helps!

By jayme

Thank you for your diligent work! The link on page 1 doesn't have the picture of the Savior being baptized in it. Do you have a link for this picture? Do you know where I can get the art clip for the little girl being baptized as it prints fuzzy. You are amazing!

By Bonny (not verified)

I'm sorry the picture quality isn't very high on the JPEG of Page 1. The image I used was an actual picture (not a digital picture) that I bought from Deseret Book and glued to the page. I don't have permission to put a digital copy of this image in the book so you may have to hunt down an appropriate image. I found this big image on and I'm sure they have a smaller one but you may need to contact them by phone to get exactly what you need.

Sorry for the trouble!

By jayme

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