Blanket Fort Scarves

Blanket Fort Scarves

Winter months often bring a desire to tear apart the family room for the purpose of building a fort for crawling under, playing in, and pretending with. Unfortunately my kids are still learning the ins and outs of physics so they don’t quite understand how to make a heavy quilt balance on the back of a chair. This Christmas as I was stressing about what to buy my 6 year old daughter I kept thinking there must be a way to build a fort without a quilt. So, I created a set of fort scarves that are light weight and can be attached to almost ANYTHING! Here is how to make your own.
Step 1: Purchase fabric and velcro. I decided on a light weight polyester that was 60” wide. I bought 60” of four different colors, so I had four square pieces. You will also need approximately 96” of Velcro and 16 plastic rings (optional). I purchased all of this for about $53.
Step 2: Serge around the outside edges of all four scarves.

Step 3: Thread about 1 inch of one corner through a plastic ring and fold over.

Step 4: Lay a 5-6” piece of Velcro over the folded corner of the scarf.

Step 5: Sew a large X pattern on the bottom inch of the Velcro, attaching the Velcro to the fabric and ‘locking in’ the plastic ring.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 fifteen times with all remaining corners.

Your kids are now ready to build. The great thing about these scarves is that they can be used for just about anything. You can attach all four of them together to make one great big scarf and simply drape it over a table. Or they can be attached to individual pieces of furniture to make a unique fort or series of forts (I will live under the yellow roof, you live under the blue roof). They also make great dress ups, baby hammocks, and stuffed animal houses. The possibilities are endless!
Notice the scarves are attached to the strings on the blinds, an empty wicker basket, a box of cars, and a dining chair in the middle. This would NEVER work with a quilt!
We like to build our forts in the middle of the play room so all the toys are near by!
I draped the scarves over the toy plastic door but there wasn't anything to attach it to so I used the weight of a nearby GIJoe to keep the scarves in place, four hours later the GIJoe was still fulfilling his duties.
Plenty of room for a tea party.
We left one corner unattached to serve as a door, when the kids got sick of lifting it up and down they attached it to the nearby rocketship.

You can also check out these scraves from Nova Natural.



This is such a fantastic idea! I don't have kids but part of me wants to do this for my nieces and nephews, so when they come to play they can have a fort!

I ran across your blog because someone pinned your "staycation" post on pinterest. I was so happy to see a blogger here in Cedar! Then, scrolling through all your posts I seen one of you wearing a Burgess shirt and I realized who you are! I think you are the same age as my sister, I am a few years older than your brother Jace.

Anyway, I adore your blog. I have had a desire to be a "homesteader" as well, and hopefully will be planting a very small garden this year. Your posts about making cheese made me think about doing it myself! That would be so fun to go to those classes! Anyway, you really are an inspiration to me, keep up the good work!

By Sheena (not verified)

Thanks for the comment! I hope you will continue to find posts here that interest and inspire you!

By jayme

Thank you for such a well explained tutorial.

I don't have a serger, so I folded, sewed, then folded again to keep all of those loose strings of fabric in. Mine is light blue. The kiddos are with Grandma today, so we'll see what they think when they get home. I already hung it up in the gameroom. I can totally see them using this as a very large cape. I can also see that I'll probably have to make one for each of them (6) to avoid fights!

A fun project to try -- thanks!!

This is a great creative tool!!

By jayme

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