Closet Organization with Color Coding Labels

Closet Organization with Color Coding Labels

I’d like to think I’m fairly capable of getting rid of my clothes that are worn out, don’t fit, or are out of style but getting rid of my husband’s clothes is a totally different story. I know he has too many clothes; that part of the equation is easy. But when I look through his things I realize I can’t remember when he last had a particular shirt on his body, or if it even fits him. Worse than that is when the shirt still looks new (or still has the tags on it! I counted 3 today) but I am almost certain it has been YEARS since it has been off the hanger. I have tried to explain to him that keeping clothes in the closet that you do not wear causes excessive clutter AND it makes all of his wearable clothes wrinkly but he has a hard time letting go of something that is still perfectly ‘good’.

Finally, after years of contemplation, I came up with a great solution for identifying which clothes should be handed over to someone who will wear them and which should stay in the closet.

The answer: Color Coding Labels!!

I placed one label on the tag of each article of my husband’s clothes, after 6 months I went through them all again and anything with A LABEL STILL ATTACHED was donated to goodwill. Anything that he wore during the six months lost the label, either while wearing it or in the wash, only the unworn items were left with a sticker on the tag!

Do you have trouble getting rid of your clothes? This can be a great way to PROVE to YOURSELF that you can live without a specific article of clothing. If it hasn’t been on your body for 6 months you don’t need it! I promise! (Do keep the seasons in mind; tag your summer clothes in the spring and your winter clothes in the fall so you can’t use the excuse “I’ll wear that when it warms up, cools down, or the sun melts away”)

I have said it once and I’ll say it again: organization is easy when you don’t have an excessive amount of STUFF. Especially if your closet is small, wear a small number of clothes until they are worn out, then throw them away and buy a few more to replace them. Let the department store help you out by holding the clothes you will need in the future in THEIR stock room, not yours!

Happy Organizing!


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