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Christmas Planning Continues

Click HERE for an editable Word document with all of the following forms!

My Christmas planner is now complete! Get your printer ready to print off some readymade lists to make your Holiday plans a breeze.
Page 1 and 2 include a November and December calendar. These calendars will make party planning a breeze with everything written down in the same place. Don’t forget to include birthdays and other non holiday related events to avoid potential conflicts!
November Calander
December Calander

Next in line are the ‘Gift Budget’ and the ‘Master Gift List’. These two forms work hand in hand to determine how much spending your pocket book can handle. To make the budget simpler I assigned a dollar amount to each person on my list rather than assigning an amount to each present they will receive. For example, I may buy Logan 3 presents but rather than list each of the three items individually I would simply apply a total dollar amount to his name.
Immediate Family
Store Purchased:
Total Gift $'s Budgeted
Total Gift $'s Spent
Socks, Underware, Tie
Thrift Store
The ‘Total Gift $’s Budgeted’ is a cumulative amount derived by adding up all the numbers in the ‘budget’ column. The last two columns can only be filled out AFTER your shopping is complete! (If you download the Excel version of the list you can edit the amount of rows you have for each category: immediate family, extended family, etc. You can also add categories to track your spending on decorations, parties, cards, etc.)
If you plan to give all of your neighbors the same thing simply calculate the cost of the gift and multiply it by the number of names on your ‘Neighbor Gift List’. The budget should be simple and easy to understand at a glance so you know exactly how much money you will be spending on Holiday celebrations.

If you are like me your ‘Christmas Card List’ continues to grow each year (another good reason to download the Excel version of the Christmas lists). I have all of my family and friends contact information stored in an electronic phone book; however, I noticed last year many of the cards came back to me with inaccurate addresses. Now, with this list, I can mark which of my addresses need to be updated so as to avoid a similar problem in the future.

A ‘Neighbor Gift List’ could be your best friend for the holidays. Delivering gifts in person can be a challenge when already faced with a full calendar; however, visiting neighbors and friends is what the Christmas season is all about! Resist the temptation to send your 4 year-old to the door and make an effort to stay for a minute and visit. Begin making deliveries with plenty of time so you aren’t pressed to do it all on the same day. Yes, that may mean baking your traditional holiday treat two or even three times, but you will get more out of the Christmas season if your gifts are sprinkled with a bit of friendliness.

“It’s a Wonderful Life”, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”, “Amy Grants Grown Up Christmas List Album”, and the Cedar City Storybook Parade are all parts of Christmas I just can’t live without! The ‘Holiday Favorites’ list provides a place to write down the things that influence your holiday season the most. Not only will this remind you to pull these things out to enjoy early on but they make a great addition to your personal history.

I have borrowed or stolen or been handed down many holiday traditions. These are things I want to give to my children so they will give them to my grandchildren. You may think it is unnecessary to write these traditions down in your Christmas Planner but I assure you it will help! My husband and I have always written our children a letter on Christmas eve and Last year as we were walking up the stairs to bed we realized we had forgotten the letters. So, back down to the kitchen we trod, making for a much longer night than originally planned. How sad I would have been if we hadn’t remembered!

In my life the term Holidays is synonymous with delicious FOOD.   Keeping a list of ‘Favorite Holiday Recipes’ will give you the opportunity to plan out when and for which party you will prepare your favorite dishes. I would also recommend typing up each of your holiday recipes and putting them into your Christmas Planner for a quick and easy reference.

Throwing a Christmas party can be great fun but it can also be a great stress if you find yourself unprepared. Using a ‘Holiday Party Planner’ sheet can save the night by having a quick and easy reference to answer all of your questions. After the party is over do NOT throw the planner sheet away!!! Keep it as a reference for next year’s party. Be sure to include how many people you invited, how many showed up, how much food you purchased, and how many leftovers you had.

Every year as I brave the opening of the Christmas decorations I wish a little elf would come and put them back the way I had them last year. The ‘Decorating Notes’ list provides you with a place to make notes of where to put your most treasured decorations. I have also added to this sheet my list of decorating wants and wishes. For example I would really like some new garland for my stair railings so I measured exactly how much I need and wrote it down for a quick reference next time I find garland at a reasonable price.

A ‘Family Rotation’ list can be a valuable resource for forgetful family members. Nothing is worse than making a dozen phone calls each November to see who gives to who in the family gift rotation. Writing it down and keeping it safely stored in your Christmas Planner will eliminate the guess work of who did what last year.

There you have it! Your own concise Christmas planner with a place to record, plan, and organize your magical holiday season. I would love to have some feedback on how this works for your family and PLEASE let me know if there is something I should add! Chances are someone else would like it too. Happy Holidays!!
Click HERE for the Excel version of ALL of the Christmas Planner Lists
For PDF Files Click on Title of the list you would like:
BudgetHoliday Favorites
Christmas CardsMaster Gift List
December CalendarNeighbor Gift List
Decorating NotesNovember Calendar
Family RotationsParty Planner
Favorite RecipesTraditions
Let the Christmas Planning Begin!!


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