Cutting Jeans for Quilt Blocks

My husband lives in denim... As a result I have a HUGE basket of jeans that he no longer wears. I am anxious to turn his old pants into a durable quilt for camping but first I need quilt blocks. Here are the instructions for making quilt blocks out of denim jeans with very little waste!

How to Cut up a pair of Jeans:
1- Cut out the zipper
2- Cut pant legs open from the inside seam
3- Remove front pockets
4- Starting with the back of the pants fit your biggest desired square (I used a 9” and a 5” square) over the back pocket. Work your way down the back leg holding your square as close to the seam as possible without cutting on top of the seam. (Seams are not a problem if they are going through a square but they will not work to be on an edge because you will not be able to easily sew through them when piecing your quilt together.) You will have to use a smaller square when you reach the bottom of the pant leg.
5- Using a small square cut out the area around the front pocket. Work your way down the front of the leg with your large square. Allow the square to go over the seam onto left over material from the back of the leg when necessary. (The back of our pants are bigger than the front!)
With very little wasted material I was able to get 12 large (9”) squares and 6 small (5”) squares.


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