DVD Storage

DVD Storage
I never was much for watching movies or for buying DVD’s but as my family has grown (quickly, I might add) throughout the past 7 years we have accumulated many more DVD’s than I had realized. My original storage system worked well, initially; I had three wicker baskets that held about 15-18 movies each. About two years ago I had more than outgrown my 50 movie capacity and purchased a few more canvas baskets. Each of these baskets was neatly labeled with the movie ‘type’ (Disney, Family, Educational, Mom & Dad, etc.). I soon realized I had many more kid movies than I had educational movies so the Disney movies soon spilled into the other boxes, wherever they could find a home. My organization was completely dysfunctional. Something had to change.
In an attempt to find a better DVD storage solution I came across a product called a Disc Sox.

These DVD/CD cases were a great solution to my storage problem. They have a clear cover so I could place the original movie cover in the front. The Disc Sox also holds two discs which was very important because so many of my movies have more than one disc and I didn’t want them to become separated.
My mess started out looking something like this:

My first step in realigning the chaos was to put the movies into categories (Mom & Dad, Kids, Animated, Educational, Religious, etc.)
For demonstration purposes I took one category of movies to show the difference in storing a regular case versus a Disc Sox case. The original stack was about 19 inches tall and included 32 DVD’s.
The same pile of 32 movies was 3 ½ inches tall in the Disc Sox.
My baskets that originally held about 16 movies now hold over 50.
I would have liked to have found a similar case that was equally as tall and wide as the cover of a regular DVD case. Because these particular ones were smaller I had to cut down my case covers more than I would have liked. But it really didn’t take long to convert the movie covers to fit into their new cases.
I can now easily fit all of my movies into one well organized location, WITH room to grow!
As I was cutting up all of my DVD cases I had a few reservations about destroying all of the original packaging but after all was said and done I felt nothing but pure satisfaction and delight in the space I saved by throwing away the big bulky cases.



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