Elf on the Shelf Welcome Note

When my two oldest kids were very little the whole ‘elf on the shelf’ idea was detonated and ready to explode. I liked the idea of having some leverage to get the kids to behave during the stressful busyness of the holidays yet I was a little reluctant to go out and buy the actual Elf on the Shelf just to be cool. So, I adapted the idea to fit the needs of my family.

The first thing I did was to go to the store and buy a cute little elf. He isn’t doll like, isn’t bendable, doesn’t balance well, and all around is quite difficult to relocate. Too bad, what is done is done. Now, when I see the thousands of Elf on the Shelf posts I think to myself, ‘awe, that’s cute. Too bad our elf could NEVER do something like that because his feet are too big and he doesn’t bend. So sad.’ But, after the image passes from my vision into my short term memory I recall the purpose of the elf in the first place. His job is not to make messes for me to clean up, nor is it to cause me to rack my brain and scour the internet each evening after bedtime in order to drum up something creative but rather, the elf’s job is to watch out for the kids. Keep an eye on them and remind them to be good. He isn’t here to cause trouble but to control trouble.

So yes, we do have an elf. We think our elf is cute even if he isn’t very pliable. He greets us each December and sticks around for about 3 weeks to learn who is naughty and who is nice so he can report to the big guy accordingly.

Here is a copy of the note Clarence leaves each December when he arrives.

Dear Payne Children,
Here I am for a week or two
Keeping an eye on all that you do.
Remember to always be very good,
Keep your hands to yourself and do what you should.
I will share what I see with good ole St. Nick
Nice behavior will do the trick.
Remember, don’t touch me while I move around.
In a new place each morning I will wait to be found.
Print this letter in PDF format HERE
Print this letter in WORD fomat HERE
Do you LOVE the elfs on my cover image? So do I. And if I had the whole elf buying experience to do over again these are the elves I would have chosen. You can buy them HERE


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