Grandma's Gone

My grandma passed away last week
The finest grandma you could meet
I got to say goodbye at least
I hope she heard me through her sleep

Grandma taught her kids to work
Served a mission for the church
Liked to garden, liked to sew
Even gave Facebook a go

Now happy memories may haunt us
I sure will miss hearing pandamondas
Her stories and her poetry
She must have rubbed some off on me

Grandma gave the biggest  hugs

Was always there with lots of love
She's off to heaven, bags are packed
I'm sure grandpa's glad to have her back

Jace Burgess

Back in the days before books were affordable and literacy was rare, storytellers entertained adults and children alike with their exquisite tales of everyday life and far off lands. Pandamondas was one such tale about a little boy who repeatedly walked to visit his Auntie. As was her custom, Auntie sent Pandamondas home with various types of gifts and treasures. Not always sure the best way to carry His load, Pandamondas caused his Mammy a great deal of trouble. This humorous story of a mischievous little boy has kept my family entertained for generations; with nobody telling it as well as Grandma. The picture above is of J5 listening to Grandma’s last telling of Pandamondas, J5’s expression is shared with all of Grandmas 8 Children, 45 Grandchildren, 96 Great Grandchildren


I never knew anyone else who was familiar with the story of Pandamondas, but apparently it was not unique to my family as Coleen Salley wrote a children’s book called “Epossumondas”. In her very well illustrated book the trouble seeking toddler is an opossum and his Mama, and Auntie are very classic old lady figures. I will always treasure my Epossumondas book as it will keep the story of Pandamondas fresh in my memory to share with my own children and grandchildren.  




So sorry for your loss of your grandmother. My Grandfather used to tell us the story of Pandamondas many years ago. I was just retelling it to my son, and he asked me if there were any other stories about the little boy who couldn't figure out how to get the butter home without melting it. :) Nice to know that others out in the world know the story too. Thanks for shareing the info on "Epossumondas", I'll have to check it out.

By Angie Groth (not verified)

Hello, I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I also remember hearing the story of Pandamondas performed in puppet-shows featuring paper-mache puppets of Pandamondas and his Mama. Sadly, I do not remember much of the actual content of the story, other than Mama hollering "Pandamondas" a lot. We still have the paper-mache puppets made by my mother and one of my older brothers when he was a boy. Mom passed away in October of 2011 at age 80. I would like to have the actual story (written down) to go with the puppets for future generation. Do you know the actual story, and if yes, would you be willing to share it with me? Thank you and take care. Kay

By Kay (not verified)

Kay, I do have the story to Pandamondas as it was told to me many many times throughout my childhood. It may take me a few days to get it written down but I will post it asap!

By jayme

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