Eucalyptus Tree


While doing some last minute Christmas shopping at the grocery store I noticed the nursery section had a Eucalyptus tree for sale. I was sure to tell my husband that ANY wife would LOVE a Eucalyptus tree for Christmas! And, sure enough, on Christmas morning my kids were thrilled to pull out an adorable, 3 foot tall Globe Eucalyptus. Shortly after opening presents I was anxious to get the tree in the pot and find it a sunny home. I love the idea of growing a Eucalyptus tree indoors; the smell is incredible!
Although it has only been about 3 weeks since Christmas I have already noticed that this tree may be rather difficult to keep alive during the winter. Eucalyptus trees are VERY fast growing and therefore need to be in a large pot (I will be replanting mine very soon… however, replanting is not recommended  - so buy a BIG pot to begin with). They also require a great deal of sunlight and should be watered EVERY DAY (Never have I seen such a thirsty plant!). The foliage of the Eucs can be trimmed and used in craft projects, potpourri, home d├ęcor, and for eucalyptus oil.  
Things to remember about Growing Eucalyptus:
  1. Plant in a Large Pot to avoid replanting and bound roots
  2. Place pot in full sun
  3. Water daily
  4. Trim to keep desired shape and to utilize the fragrant leaves in a variety of projects.


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