Favorite Things Kitchen Party

I wish I could claim to be an expert on hosting a party or really providing entertainment of any sort but I can’t.

However, I did decide to pull together a Favorite Things Kitchen party this summer with all of my friends and neighbors. I was a little hesitant to send out a huge invitation, inviting EVERYONE in my neighborhood because I was worried the crowd would either be too big to succeed or so small that I would feel bad for putting forth all the effort. I was pleasantly surprised when the turnout was perfect!

The arrangements started out with invitations, sent about 10 days prior to the big day. The invitations included the time, date, and instructions for guests to choose one of their favorite kitchen items and bring three of that item to exchange with friends.

Because we were outside there wasn't much need for decorations but I did bring a few of my favorite little knick knacks out to brighten up the table!
Determining the menu was easy. I simply made a few of my favorite party dishes! To ease the burden of party day I prepared the cookies a week in advance and slid them in the freezer to keep them fresh. I then enlisted the help of a few friends to bring some treats as well.
Our menu included:
Pink Lemonade (served in milk bottles that I found HERE)

Carmel Bars
Brownie S’more Bars
Cucumber Sandwiches
Fresh Veggies
 (To view each of these recipes simply click on the title!)
Prior to the big day I prepared gift bags for each of the ladies to use to cart their treasures home. As a thank you gift for coming and participating I also threw in a random kitchen item that I thought they might enjoy (a wooden spoon, a kitchen timer, a grocery list booklet, etc.)

When guests first arrived they were instructed to choose a slip of paper that contained 6 of the same number. The guest then tore the strip into 6 individual numbers and taped three of those numbers onto each of their three items and placed the other three numbers into our drawing bowl.
The party started out with everyone having a bite to eat and a lot of wonderful chit chat, I almost hated to break up the conversation to start the favorite things swap.  Eventually I passed around the drawing bowl and everyone pulled out three numbers (if they picked two of the same number or their own number they chose again).  Gifts were gathered from the table and we were excited to see what we would be going home with. Finally I gave everyone the chance to tell what they had brought and explain why it was one of their favorite things.
Here are some of my friends and neighbors favorite things!
Pinch Bowl
Pot Strainer
Dough Scraper
Canister with Date
Engraved Measuring Spoons
Small Rubber Scrapers
Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap
Paper Plates
Spade L Seasoning
Pizza Cutter
Flexible Cutting Board
Kosher Salt
Dish Scrubber
Chinese Noodles
Sugar in the Raw

Overall I felt that the party was a lot of fun! We had a great group of ladies and I was very glad they all came! I may be making this an annual event, we need more excuses to just sit around and visit!



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