Favorite Things Personal Care Party

Last year my neighbors and I got together and had a Favorite Things Kitchen Party, it was a success! So, we decided to try again this year with personal care products. At first I wasn't thrilled with the chosen category, I'm a 5 minutes a day sort of person so I didn't know what I could contribute to such a party. But after some serious thinking I decided I may not have much to contribute but I do have plenty to learn so away we went!

Here is how the party works: When guests first arrive they are instructed to choose a slip of paper that contains 6 of the same number. The guest tears the strip into 6 individual numbers and tapes three of those numbers onto each of their three items and places the other three numbers into the drawing bowl.When its time for the exchange the bowl is passed around and everyone chooses 3 new and unique numbers, they then collect their gifts from the table and we go around the circle and give everyone a chance to explain why they brought what they brought.

The party in a nutshell went something like this:

The Invitations went out

The Food was prepared

The goodie bags were stuffed (the wind proved to be a bit of a challenge)

And the favorite things table filled right up!

After a bit of catching up with friends and some dinner we exchanged our 3 gifts and had some wonderful laughs about why we had chosen our gift (I'd be lying if I didn't say we also had a few laughs about awkward massages, make up mess ups, and spray on tans).

Shortly after the gift exchange the rain came back so we hussled to clean up and everyone went home.

I always love to see and hear about the things my friends and neighbors love. Following is the list of items that were exchanged, I'm sure they are favorites among many.

Aveeno lotion
Foot paddle
Callous shaver
Stila lip glaze
Burt's bees lip gloss
Frizz ease - John Frieda 
Eos lip balm
Wet and wild protein mascara
CeraVe hand cream 
Mary Kay satin hands 
Colgate sensitive pro relief 
Deodorant - secret 
Desitine for stinky feet
Poo pottrie 
Mary Kay eye makeup remover 
Burt bees super gloss
Eyelash curler
Scandal eyes mascara
Tigi pro dry shampoo
Big round hair brush 



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