French Toast Roll-Ups

French Toast Roll-Ups


2 Slices of Bread (Any Type)Cinnamon (Desired Amount)
1 EggGreek Yogurt (Plain or Vanilla)
3 Tbsp Milk, or Flavored Coffee CreamerFruit of Choice (Banana, Strawberries, Mango, Blueberries)

Beat the egg, milk and cinnamon together until combined.

(For best results when rolling the bread, first microwave each piece for 20-30 seconds, that way the bread is very soft and easy to work with.)

Lay the piece of bread flat, and add a line of yogurt to the edge closest to you. Top the yogurt with your desired fruit, and roll. Once the bread is rolled, completely cover it in your egg mixture. Using a skillet  or  griddle over medium-high heat place each roll-up on the pan and cook on each side until the egg mixture is fully cooked. Serve with Maple Syrup or melted Peanut Butter!!

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