A Gift for Runners

I started running again after my 4th baby last January. More often than I'd like to admit I struggled to get out of bed and I never had the motivation to run for very long. Needlesstosay my weight loss efforts were not very successful. About six months later a friend and neighbor invited me to run with her small group and everything became much easier for me. I forced my feet to the ground each morning because I knew my friends would be expecting me. I never turned around early because I knew my friends wanted to keep going. I went from dreading getting out of bed in the morning to actually looking forward to it. One morning, after the weather had turned cold our discussion turned to our struggles to drink enough water. Knowing I drink more with a straw and a bit of flavor I knew the perfect gift to give my running friends. I wrote this poem to go along with it.


With a bit of curling ribbon pushed inside the cup for a little extra sparkle the gifts were quickly ready to head out the door.




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