Goodbye Chickens


Today is a sad day in my life. As the result of the area CC&R's being brought to my attention I have decided to get rid of the chickens in my back yard. I feel a bit gloomy about this decision but at the same time I know it would be unfair of me to expect my neighbors to follow the rules of the subdivision if I were unwilling to also comply. The story of how chickens came to be in my life can be found here. If you had told me 10 years ago I would be raising chickens in my back yard I would never have believed you. But, I guess people do change and I am living proof.(As a side note, my plans for farm life are closer than I had originally imagined. Keep your fingers crossed for me!)
I will miss these quirky little birds that wander around my yard and destroy my nicely landscaped planters. They are particularly fun at this time of year as they become very social little critters and follow me around the yard like lonely little puppy dogs. On warm spring days like today I will often find my birds in the middle of the road basking in the sun on the hot asphalt. Passersby will stop and look twice to see if they really are witnessing a small flock of chickens crossing the road. My children and the neighbor children will miss their feathered companions. I am always happy to see random kidsshowing up at my door with the request of, “can the chickens play?” or “my cousin is visiting and wants to see your chickens”.
My children have learned a great deal of responsibility as they have gathered eggs and taken the daily table scraps out to the coop. J5 has helped to doctor injured birds and has often begged her father with pleading eyes to “fix it without using a hatchet, please!” We have spent time chasing cats and dogs from the yard in protection of our daily supply of fresh eggs and taken Saturdays to clean out the coop and make life comfortable for our flock.
I will personally miss the excuse I had to go outside for a few minutes of peace to feed and water the chickens each day. I especially enjoyed this necessity in the dead of the winter when most of us are penned up in our homes without even a thought of going out into the cold. We miss a beautiful expression of God’s love by staying in doors on calm freezing mornings, yet without a reason it is difficult to step outside and observe the cold beauty.
I have discovered an odd satisfaction in tending animals who, in return for their care, give me something I value. I do not enjoy touching animals much but I love watching their peculiar behaviors. My fun little birds will miss clucking on the front porch in hopes of getting a handful of rice crispies but I am sure they will be happy at the barn across town with the other chickens I have raised in my garage. So, farewell to a yard full of chickens and hello to a yard filled with flowers that don’t get eaten!



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