Homemade Christmas Baubles

Homemade Christmas Baubles
Large Christmas ornaments can get very expensive very fast, but sometimes a tree needs something with some size! While contemplating how I would decorate my “Book Advent Calendar Tree” I decided paper baubles were just the thing!
Each bauble will need at least 8 cardstock shapes, I used circles but an oval, or a tear drop would look, great too. The good thing about making your own ornament is that you can make it any size you want. I didn’t have a lot of paper that was the exact same and I wanted my ornaments to be the same so I made my shapes as large as I could while using the least amount of paper. I was able to fit four 5 ¾ inch circles on each of my 12x12 pieces of paper (if you have a Cricut you will need to make your shapes 5 ½ inches in order to fit 4 to a page).
Step 1: Cut out 8 shapes of the same size. (To go with my book theme I cut 2 circles out of an old book to attach to 2 of the solid colored circles. Patterned paper looks great too!)
Step 2: Fold each circle in half with the side you want to see on the inside.
Step 3: Alternating colors, glue the back sides of 4 circles to one another creating a line; allow to dry. Repeat with remaining 4 circles.
Step 4: Attach the two half circles together forming a ball.
Step 5: Glue a string or a ribbon to the middle of the ball to create a hanger.
Tada! Don’t let my poor photography skills disappoint you… these ornaments are really very cute. My tree needed a bit of solid color but these balls are also very cute with colorful patterned paper.
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