How to clean your house like a professional

My professional work experience is in the hotel industry. As the manager of a few different small properties I hired and trained a great deal of housekeepers. Some people may think that being a hotel “maid” is a simple job that anyone can do. This simply isn’t true. Sure, almost anyone can TRY to clean a motel room but only the dedicated will succeed. From time to time I am given the opportunity to draw upon my past work knowledge to hire and train one of my husband’s new employees. This task was much easier when I was still working because I had so many useful resources, not to mention that I did it regularly so it was very natural. Now things are more difficult.

As I was trying to recall the room cleaning processes required by my employees of the past I began to realize how useful these techniques would be for cleaning a personal home. Hotel chains requires their rooms to be cleaned in about 45 minutes for a large room with many amenities (such as a Hampton Inn) and about 25 minutes for a small room with few amenities (such as a Motel 6). Motel housekeepers are typically required to clean 10-15 rooms per day. How do they manage it? To be successful they must have a system.  

Here is the daily cleaning checklist I gave to the housekeepers at the motels I managed. I believe we will be more successful on cleaning day if we have a plan. I know I don’t have 15 bathrooms in my house but if a motel housekeeper can clean that many bathrooms in one day I should be able to clean my house from top to bottom in only a few hours.

1-      1- Clear out all trash and dirty linens (in a personal home changing linens on Laundry day makes for one less thing to do on cleaning day).

2-      2- Clean the bathroom:

a.       Spray the shower walls and the bath tub with a mild disinfectant spray. Wipe with a clean DRY rag (never use water to clean a bathroom - except the INSIDE of the toilet- !).

b.    Use a toilet bowl disinfectant to clean the inside of the toilet, especially underneath the rim. (I prefer to use a rag and scrub with my -gloved- hand, toilet brushes gross me out!)  

c.      Spray the entire exterior of the toilet with disinfectant, including the pedestal connecting to the floor. Wipe with a clean DRY rag.

d.      Spray the counter top and sink with a disinfectant spray. Wipe with a clean DRY rag.

e.      Clean mirrors, sink faucets and bathtub faucets with window cleaner.

f.        Mop floor, being careful to remove all hair.

                                                               i.      General instructions: use a clean rag for each section of the bathroom.

                                                             ii.      Never use water except on the inside of the toilet.

                                                            iii.      Keep all dirty rags wrapped tightly to prevent hair from falling out.

3-      3- Dust furniture

4-      4- Make Beds

5-      5- Vacuum yourself out of the room.

 The key to cleaning your house as if it was a hotel is to have all the “stuff” put away. That means all toys, clothes, junk mail, shoes, and clutter. Hotel maids aren’t required to clean around stuff and neither should you. Our houses should be junk free for a few hours at least once a week.

I am also a large supporter of having someone help you with the dirty work, especially the floors and bathrooms. Many people assume it must cost a fortune to hire someone to come into your home to help, but if you keep your eyes peeled you can find someone to help you for 10-15 dollars per hour. Unless you have a monstrous house with 7 or 8 bathrooms you should need only 2-3 hours of help every other week.  That is between $40 and $90 per month, a small expense when you take into consideration the increase to the value of your house. Bathroom fixtures will last a life time if they are cleaned regularly, however they may need to be replaced after only 5 – 10 years if they are not properly taken care of.

I realize for some people this may be an expense that simply does not fit into their budget. That’s okay! I suggest finding a friend who feels the same way you do who would be willing to swap a few hours of work each week. On the first and third week of the month spend 2 hours cleaning one house; on the second and fourth week of the month spend 2 hours cleaning the other house. Work is always more fun with a friend and you will get twice as much done. Just knowing you have a friend coming over to help will force you to de-clutter so the rooms and bathrooms can be cleaned like a hotel.  Focus on cleaning the bathrooms, the floors, and doing a quick surface dust.

 The average size of a house in the United States is 2330 square feet with 2 ½ bathrooms. The average hotel room is 450 square feet and most housekeepers are required to clean about 12 rooms per day. That means they are cleaning 5400 square feet of floor space, 12 bathrooms, and making 12-24 beds all in about 6 hours. This seems like an incredible work load but they manage it because of a few very important issues:

1-      The bathrooms are cleaned REGULARLY (daily at a busy property) which means there is rarely any heavy build up on the plumbing fixtures.

2-      They aren’t working around clutter, toys, trash, food, etc. There is nothing to ‘put away’, if there does happen to be some food or trash in the room they throw it out.

3-      They have a system that includes a logical path of travel throughout the space and they do NOT clean with water.

A clean house is like an organized house; a CONSTANT work in progress. My house is nowhere near as clean as it could be (I once had a housekeeper tell me, “everywhere I look everything is just SO dirty!!”). But I do dedicate my Tuesdays to making it clean and I have a cleaning schedule (click HERE to see the schedule I have hanging on my broom closet door) that works well for me and my life. I figure one day the kids will be smart enough to use a door knob instead of the glass and their aim to the toilet will improve (or they will learn to sit down!). And perhaps they won’t continue to eat ketchup with every meal or wear their muddy boots in the house. Until then I will do my best to provide a comfortable place for my family to live. I challenge you to do the same! I firmly believe this is something we can all do to drastically increase our value of lives.

Check out my post on having a "Clean Kitchen"

Interested in purchasing the cleaning products I use, check out the SHOP page

Cleaning is nearly impossible if you are having a difficult time 'Managing Clutter' - start with first things first!

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What about cleaning kitchens? I don't see anything on the list about cleaning kitchens. I'd love some tips/advice on a clean kitchen. Thanks!

By michelle (not verified)

Kitchen Cleaning is mentioned on a different post.

Visit HERE

By jayme

Cleaning is really not my forte! But thanks for those detailed instructions I will be able to clean properly our bathroom and make our house a little bit more spic and span.

Today is my first day reading your blog. I am astonishing myself as I leave a comment because I never contact anybody on the internet. I am very impressed with your writing. I learned a lot about cleaning and keeping a household (and hatching quail!), but I also learned something important about writing. You are a wonderful writer. I am inspired to keep my own writing so clear and concise. I will really try to think about this in future. I am a bit of a Luddite and and not very good with computers, but I really think good writing matters anywhere and yours is very powerful, yet not intimidating. It reminds me of Julia Child -- sort of gives you confidence to try things you might not have tried otherwise! You seem fearless! I need to get cracking!

By Dolly (not verified)

Thank you for your comment. I daresay yours was the most meaningful I have received!

By jayme

Great blog! Wondering how to remove hairspray off of bathroom surfaces. My hubby uses too much , in my opinion, and it leaves sticky residue on the countertops and tile floor. The only thing I've found to get it off is straight ammonia with a scrub rush on my hands and knees. Any suggestions?

By Jill (not verified)

I have a hairspray buildup problem on the door that is right behind where I do my hair. I remove the sticky residue with rubbing alcohol. There may not be an easy answer to this problem except to stay on top of it, try not to let it get to out of hand. One layer of hairspray will come off with a bit of water but 50 layers of hairspray need some major scrubbing. Maybe tell your husband to try using gel or spray his "Stiff beauty" outside. :)

By jayme

"The key to cleaning your house as if it was a hotel is to have all the “stuff” put away. " <---Could not be more true!

I loved reading the blog, and all the comments! Thanks for the tips!

By sarena (not verified)

Your idea of cleaning is skewed because im sure youve never had to clean anything remotely dirty. Being a house maid is completely different from a hotel. Hotels aren't lived in, they're stayed in.

As some one who has cleaned houses on a weekly base, soap scum in showers will still build up. It's not a fool proof method to just spray and wipe once a week. Unless your shower tile is a color where you just cant see the scum.

Anywho there's a bunch of problems about your oh so easy clean, and this blog post sucks.

By Ugh (not verified)

I don't recall ever saying here that you didn't need to use a bit of muscle to get the dirt off. ALL Cleaning is hard work, but some methods are easier than others.

I have 4 kids... I know what a dirty house looks like AND I know how to clean one.

By jayme


Sorry if this has already been answered, we sell Shower wall panels and our customers often ask us what is the best cleaner for them?

Good tips on a dry towel on tub tile but I disagree w/using a non disinfectant on faucet handles. I clean my vanity top w/scrubbing bubbles and must rinse, leaves it soapy and leaving soap behind means it attracts everthing, and will build up. I've cleaned my bathroom 40 years, had a lot of practice. There's just not many shortcuts in cleaning if you really care about keeping germs away. I spray use disenfectent on faucets, doorknobs, everything thats touched a lot. I even clean my keys once in awhile. In public I use my arm or foot to open doors, way too many germs and thats how people get sick. Another issue is after so many washes, the rags must be replaced, washing & drying them doesn't get all the germs out. Old washclothes & towels should be tossed. Swiffer is no good on my laminate floors, picks up a tad and the rest drops off. If you dampen it w/ a spray bottle it will work. I use swiffer to clean my walls, you'd be surprised at the dust on walls. Especially if you have a shedding pet.

By sandy (not verified)

Good tips. For sure use a disinfectant if you are extra worried about germs! That's the great thing about cleaning our houses, we get to do it how we like!

I also agree with replacing the rags every so often. AND I LOVE cleaning the walls with a microfiber mop... yes, walls get SO dusty!

By jayme

I knew better, but tried your way. Leaving the scrubbing bubbles on the tile & wiping down w/a dry rag. I could see right off this won't work. Looked like an over polished piece of furniture. All greasy & dull. Washed it off.

By sandy (not verified)

I'm sorry you were unsuccessful. You may want to look over the instructions again and notice that I said this works with a "MILD disinfectant". There is nothing 'mild' about Scrubbing Bubbles. I mentioned that I often use scrubbing bubbles on one of my showers if I get behind on my weekly cleaning (the tile in this particular shower is very difficult to clean). I apologize if I did not make it clear that strong cleaners (like scrubbing bubbles) will need to be rinsed off but will not need to be used regularly if the tile is cleaned weekly. 

Feel free to continue your regular cleaning routine but this process works wonders for my home and many of my friends and family.

By jayme

If you want your disinfectant to work, you must leave it on for 10 minutes before you wipe it off. If you just spray it on and wipe it off, you aren't doing any disinfecting (read the label!). Ideally, you will spray the surfaces in the bathroom with disinfectant spray (sink, toilet, tub/shower) and then go to do something else. Our routine is:

Remove bedding, towels and trash
Restock the room of paper products, toilet paper, soaps, brochures, sugar, coffee whitener, etc.
Spray the bathroom with disinfectant (we use lysol)
Vacuum the mattress
Make bed with fresh, clean bedding
Go back to the bathroom and spray everything again with a mixture of soap, vinegar and hot water and leave it to sit
Dust and check all lights to make sure there are no burnt out bulbs
Clean mirrors
Wipe all door handles, light switches, tv remotes, blind pulls, coffee maker switches, etc. with disinfectant cloth
Clean the bathroom - remember, you have already sprayed everything with disinfectant spray and also soap, vinegar and water (We fill the sink with vinegar, soap and hot water and use this to rinse the cloth. Clean the shower/tub first; dry with a separate cloth - we like shamwow cloths; clean the sink and countertop - always rinse off your wet cloth as you go; use a toilet brush and scrub the inside of the toilet; clean the rest of the toilet with your cloth rinsing frequently; empty the sink and wipe down with a dry cloth)
Hang fresh towels
Vacuum floors
Mop floors
Spray air with a nice light spray (we like lavender) - visually check the room to make sure you haven't missed anything while you spray

It takes us 1 hour to clean a small room. I don't think it is possible to disinfect and properly clean a motel room in 25 minutes. The cloths used for one room are NEVER reused for another room. They go into the laundry with the bedding and towels. We go through a LOT of cloths, but it is the proper way to clean a motel room.

By John (not verified)

 Agreed, disinfectant should sit for some time before wiping off. (most of our housekeepers make the beds while the disinfectant is doing its work)

Also agreed, NEVER take one dirty cloth to a different room! 

By jayme

As a General Manager of a inclusive golf resort, I must disagree with your statement that rooms can not be properly cleaned and disinfected in less than 1 hour. We offer only suites, with our smallest room having a kitchenette, studio bedroom and small sitting/ dining area. Our largest suite offers full kitchen (all flatware, glassware, silverware, cookware with linens and utinsels included), 2 separate double bedrooms, jacuzzi bathroom, living and dining room. Now given this information I must tell you that 133 rooms, 8 housekeepers, 2 houseman and 2 laundry staff; we are able to "turn" rooms in as little as 25 minutes for studios or 45 minutes for jacuzzi suites. Keep in mind that most rooms are "stay overs" meaning the occupants are not checking out. These rooms do get cleaned, fresh beds and linens unless they decline new bed linens (our go green option). However they take much less time than say a vacant room. I just thought that allowing 1 hour to "turn" a room was lax. I started my career in housekeeping working my way to the position I hold today. I have a soft spot for my housekeeping staff but am diligent in keeping them trained and supplied with chemicals/ equipment. I believe these are key in saving time and money.

By Anessa (not verified)

Anessa, I agree with your comment. We own over 1000 rooms ranging from small economy rooms to large extended stay suites with full kitchens. The majority of our rooms are all turned in less than 1 hour, the exception being a room that was 'trashed'. Our propertys are regularly inspected by Marriot, IHG, and Hilton; we continuously get high marks for cleanliness. This process IS successful! and CAN be altered to accomplish fast and efficient cleaning in personal homes.

By jayme

I like to use Windex Antibacterial on my counters. I spray the counters and leave on for 5 minutes as label suggests, but when I come back to wipe the solution is dried. I usually end up spraying more on the counter and immeciatly wiping up with cloths but... Any suggestions to allow disinfectant to do its job for full time without drying up?

By Liz (not verified)

Either continue to spray the area again to reintroduce the needed moisture or spray your RAG with your cleaner for needed moisture. When you wipe the surface off use your muscles and put plenty of pressure on the rag to be sure you are picking up the dirt and grime. You need moisture to pick up the dirt and the chemicals.

By jayme

I am excited to try you ideas. We have tried the Shark, but even with water and some vinegar, the head becomes clogged and I have not been able to get it unclogged and am not interested in investing more money in buying the new head needed. I am going to try your idea of the mop with microfiber cloths. Thanks so much for the great ideas!

By glenda sue (not verified)

First, let me thank you for your awesome tips! I have a small house, only 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. But the house is for myself, my disabled hubby, and 5 of our kids! I have an awful time keeping it clean, getting the dishes done, keeping caught up on laundry and everything else. I have PILES of laundry in my basement that I just can't get to. Dishes pile up for days. Even from one day my sink isn't large enough to hold them all. And the flow onto 2 counters. I can't swap cleaning with a friend because my schedule is just too tight to go help someone else. And I DEFINITELY can't afford to pay someone. Please, what would you suggest? What can I do to keep my house from looking like a bomb went off? I have so many little kids and no time! Plus I have to take care of my husband. Ugh! Help!

By Sara W (not verified)

First of all let me say I'm sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed. Taking care of a home with many children is a daunting task. My first suggestion would be worry more about decluttering and simplifying rather than cleaning... at least for now. You have a unique situation and I believe the only solution for you is to simplify. Eliminate some of your stuff; clothes, toys, paper, even dishes (if everyone in the family only has 1 set of dishes you wont ever out grow your sink!). Inlist in your kids to help. I know you said they were young but unless you have 2 sets of twins that are only a year apart you should have a few kids who are capable of helping (even my 2 year old has dishes to wash!). Don't compare your situation to others and do the best you can with what you have. Check out my post 'Managing Clutter' to get you started. I have an outline written for another cleaning post that will help you with some scheduling issues but it wont be out for another week or two so stay in touch.

House work is an endless task but it can be very rewarding. Keep up the hard work don't be afraid to throw away the stuff that is making you crazy.

Keep in touch, I'd love to hear how things are going!

By jayme

Dear Sara W, First I want to say though I have never been in quite that close quarters, I did share a 4 bedroom with 10 people and that was pretty crazy. So my advise first is to downsize...BIG TIME. Sometimes we don't realize the magnitude of our possessions. I don't know the ages of your 5 angels but select a nuber of versitile outfits and then donate or yard sale the rest. I found THAT to be a HUGE help to my family. Second, when its time to do chores, gather the troops. If your hubby is able, ask him to oversee some of the kids doing minor jobs. Evrey little bit helps and remember they live there too so helping you out isn't a favor. They are donig their part. I will prat for your sanity and just take I day at a time.... try to use the Organizing your Home in 14 weeks is great too!

By Anessa (not verified)

As a professional house cleaner, I find many of the things you have listed to be ridiculous. For one thing, not using water to clean with. There is a reason strong disinfecting chemicals tell you to wipe the surface after with a damp rag. These are potentially deadly chemicals that if left upon the surface not only has the ability to strip your surfaces of their top coats, but there is also the potential for deadly chemical reactions (ie bleached based shower cleaners if not rinsed can evaporate when a hot shower is run and the person ends up inhaling deadly bleach vapors!)
Also, unless you want a surface cleaner for your home, $10-15/hour is a unreasonable and unappreciative expectation for a professional cleaner. With the size home you have listed (2.5 baths), you're looking at at least 4-5 hours of cleaning. You're not taking into consideration you're dealing with 1-2 weeks of lived in build up. Your post shows the lack of respect for the professional and is encouraging people to take it for granted. If you think that rate of pay and time schedule is reasonable, clean your own home, invite me over and I'll show you exactly what you're missing and why it's an unhygienic breeding ground for viruses and bacteria to thrive.

By Alise (not verified)

First of all, don't argue with me if you don't read the instructions. I said use a MILD disinfectant, not "strong disinfecting chemicals". Not all products are created equally.

Second, I have a great amount of respect for the profession of house cleaning. And 10-15 dollars and hour is a very reasonable price for where I live. Yes, I am sure there are some areas (especially large cities with a high cost of living) where a housekeeper would be offended to be offered a job for this rate. Where I am from it is very acceptable. I know very few people who pay in the 20-25 dollar range.

Third, I specifically stated that in order for this process of cleaning to be successful there must be REGULAR cleaning. Not 2 weeks of lived in build up, preferably not even 1. I believe I mentioned that motels are cleaned daily, which is why this system works. In my home I teach my children to wipe up the toilet seat when they 'miss', we wipe up the toothpaste when it drips, and we clean up any big spills or accidents as they happen. No doubt my bathrooms are dirty when tuesdays come around and the REAL cleaning starts. But I can easily clean each of my bathrooms in 10 minutes (20 for my one large bathroom) and cleaning the floors that are clutter free are quick with a vacuum and a bottle of vinegar.  Deffinately not 4-5 hours of work each week! How discouraging would THAT BE? 

And NO I don't ALWAYS have help cleaning my house. I do it regularly all by my wee little self.

You're welcome to come over and have a look...

Happy cleaning!

By jayme

I love You because this is so nice how you formatted this and this is going to help me on my way to college. Thanks for your help.

By rosy (not verified)

We all have "stuff" lying around in the house that we never use. I have seen peoples basements and storage filled with things that they havent used in years. Why not get rid of that stuff and make more space.

I couldn't agree with you more!

By jayme

Wow, You have written such a nice tips for Mopping Floor's and the Steps are really very Solid.

There are many cleaning solutions used to remove dust and dirt from the house. One should always use good quality detergents for cleaning since cheap solutions can damage the floor mops and leave scratches behind.

Thanks for the great cleaning tips. As one with a slight amount of A.D.D... I find myself going in circles as I try to clean. Getting distracted is a profession of mine it seems. This will help a lot. I was surprised at the "dry cloth" cleaning method. I've never heard of that. If my shower has been neglected and has a good amount of soap scum on the glass door and shower walls... does the dry cloth method still work without water? Just wondering. And what is a "good" disinfectant cleaner? And one last question. I noticed you mention St. George... is that Utah? We are from Southern California and are plannning to NOT stay here when we retire (in a few years). We have our eye on Cedar City, UT. Is there anything you can share about this city that would be helpful? Thanks :)

By Kathyrn (not verified)

 If your shower has been neglected for a while and has a lot of soap scum you may need to use a more potent product to remove the buildup, which means the no water method will not work at first. BUT, after the shower is good and clean you can begin using a dry rag to KEEP IT CLEAN! 

Check out my 'shop' page to see the type of disinfectant I use. There are many mild disinfectants that would be very useful. Remember you don't want anything that is creamy or foaming if you are planning to use the no water method. Windex with disinfectant is a good option for a cleaner that does not need water to be washed off.

St George is about 45 minutes south of Cedar City. We LOVE St. George, but it does get very hot in the summer so we choose to live in Cedar City. We are very adventurous people so we find ourselves hiking, camping, and skiing often so Cedar City is the perfect home for us. Many people prefer to retire to St. George because the winters are very mild but I know a great deal of retirees in Cedar City too!

By jayme

The tips look great for a maid. It will help people save a lot of money on other expenses. Thanks for sharing these tips. Will follow these and make a clean house for living.

These tips are definitely going to help people cut down their costs. Thanks for sharing this ideas. They are really cool.

These are great tips! Can you recommend some good and safe cleaning supplies for the kitchen?

By Ashley Davis (not verified)

In my kitchen I typically just use dish soap and hot water. If I happen to spill poultry juice or other bacteria carrying substances I will use Lysol kitchen cleaner to be sure to kill the germs. If there is something that needs some scrubbing I will use a bit of baking soda on a wet rag. Vinegar and water is also a good disinfectant for the kitchen!

By jayme

Jayme, I'm so thrilled to have found your blog via Pinterest today. Thanks so much for sharing your methods & knowledge here ... brilliant simplicity & efficiency! I can see your dry-cloth/rag method working well with my spray cleansers (I use either diluted Shaklee concentrate, diluted ZymeAway or my own mix of diluted white vinegar/liquid castile or dish soap/essential oil ... whichever one I have on-hand. And, no ... I am not distributer of those products. :-) ). I always wet my rag or microfiber cloth before using them ... I look forward to trying your method!

So glad to read your brilliant tip that milder cleansers work well when cleaning regularly. I agree ... mild cleanser, a good rag or cloth & elbow grease are all that's needed. Over the years, I gradually switched to mild, non-toxic cleansers after learning which products work well & the harmful effects of harsh cleansers like bleach & ammonia. I keep baking soda in each bathroom & under the kitchen sink for use when scrubbing is needed. Also, I discovered that a bath scrubby (reserved for cleaning only!) with a few drops of liquid soap is a workhorse for cleaning occasional soap scum from the shower/bathtub (especially right after a steamy shower/bath). Great way to use up shampoo that you don't like.

I remember using Scrubbing Bubbles to clean the bathroom years ago for the first time. Those little cutesy, cartoon, foaming bubbles look so safe & clean so well. But, I hadn't noticed the bazillion warnings on the label until I read or saw a report about how toxic it is as it cleans (SO deceiving with the adorable commercials)! My daughter was really disappointed when Scrubbing Bubbles were nowhere to be found when I taught her how to clean the bathroom.

By lifeabundant (not verified)

Pardon my ignorance, but how can you properly clean a bathroom without using water?

 Although it is true that you can not clean a VERY dirty bathroom without water you CAN clean mildly dirty bathroom without water. I have done it for YEARS and I have trained over 1 hundred hotel housekeepers to do the same. If your bathroom has not been cleaned in months, or even many weeks this method will not work. However, if you clean regularly (once a week) all you need to to is spray the area with a mild disinfectant and wipe off the yuckiness with a dry rag. It works. AND it is SOO much faster!

By jayme

We cannot say that its 100% clean but atleast we find ways to do it. In our house also we take time 10-20 minutes just to clean and yes just like here we use spray and other tools for cleaning.

Our Atlanta Maids would have to agree with some of the comments about ammonia and glass cleaning products. We have had better success with green chemicals without ammonia than with it. It has less streaks than ammonia so yes thumbs up!

The key to being able to keep your home clean is regularity and firm. You will likely find that it will take you less time after a few weeks, if you have the ability to stick to a schedule of cleansing the entire house weekly.

Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane

The cleaners i use are fabulous and "green" safe to use around children and animals, also safe for the environment. I cleaned commercially and in homes for a living for eleven years and wish I'd known about these sooner. They don't even require safety caps and yet work better than any other product i have used. You buy them online from a company called Melaleuca. I believe someone that already has an account has to help you open an account with them, but I'm not positive. If so, ask someone you know who has an account with them to help you. If you don't know anyone, I'd be happy to help you. Just email me at Melaleuca also sells the best vitamins on the market and many other really wonderful products. Ask the same friend to tell you more about this company.

By Kathy (not verified)

Do you think it's crazy to use baby wipes to wipe the floor of the bathrooms. I find it works great and all the dirt is thrown away with the wipes?

By Kris Cook (not verified)

I definitely do not think it is crazy to use baby wipes to clean the floor. I think that is a great idea! I keep Lysol Disinfecting wipes in my guest bathroom for a quick wipe down when company is coming and I use the wipes on the floor too. Quick, effective, and easy to move on to the next thing. Great idea!

By jayme

This makes thing much easier! Thanks!

For cleaning purpose room spray plays a useful role

useful Tips Thanks for sharing this ..........


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