How to Store Carrots

How to Store Carrots

I love to grow carrots and I love to eat carrots, but I don’t necessarily love to bottle them. Something about cooked carrots in water just isn’t very appetizing! So what to do with a garden full of root veggies so they will be good to eat all winter long? Here’s my plan.
1- Dig up the carrots carefully; you want to avoid any breaks or cuts.
2- Shake the dirt from the carrot but DO NOT wash it clean. Do not use any that are forked, split or broken.
3- Remove the carrot green (some people suggest leaving an inch of green on the carrot, I haven’t tried this but would love to hear how well it works!)
4- Place the carrots in a 5 gallon bucket, filling until about ¾ from the top. If you don’t have a new clean bucket, line the bucket with a trash bag.
5- Shake the bucket to help settle the carrots.
6- Top the carrots with peat moss. Place a bucket lid on the bucket but do not snap it down tight, the moss needs a bit of air circulation.
7- Dig up carrots as you need them, be sure to keep the carrots completely covered all winter; adding new peat moss if needed.
8- Store Carrots in a cool dry place where it will not freeze.
I must admit, I haven't tested this method throughout an entire winter, yet but I am excited to see how it goes. I have done similar things in the past but didn't get the quality of carrots I was looking for. I found another list of ways to store carrots HERE and I am anxious to try other options next fall!



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