LED Wall-Plate Night Light

LED Wall-Plate Night Light Product Review

When my oldest child turned 18 months old her younger brother came along and gently kicked her out of the crib in the nursery. At a very young age she was shuffled into a big girl bed down the hall in her big girl room. This didn’t bother me much, she is a very independent soul and I wasn’t worried about her ability to find me if she needed me. I was, however, a little worried about her wondering around the house in a sleepy state of delirium, as toddler often do, and falling down the stairs. The logical solution to this problem was to put a night light at the top of the staircase so she could see where she was going. With each subsequent child I faced the same issue and invariably the cute little night light at the top of the stairs would disappear and/or get lost and broken. The kids just couldn’t keep their wee paws off it! Even though the kids are a little older now I still worry about one of them falling down the stairs in the night on their way to the bathroom or my bedroom, obviously the traditional night light idea wasn’t working so I found this:

This nightlight is AWESOME! It attaches to the wall in place of your outlet cover plate so little hands can’t remove it and play with it. It turns on automatically when it gets dark OR when there is no power, so even in the event of a power outage you can still see! And there is no motivation for the kids to touch it during the day because it doesn’t work during daylight hours (remember this when you install it and want to give it a try. Before you think you’ve been ripped off wait until dark). The LED lights are BRIGHT but there is a dimmer switch so you can lessen the light if you want. The whole thing fits closely against the wall so you don’t have to worry about knocking it off with your leg or the vacuum hose.

This is the perfect solution to dark hallways with kids. Our typical bedtime routine involves me rocking my 2 year old in the living room recliner. If it isn’t dark she won’t sit on my lap long enough to fall asleep but there have been many times I nearly fell and killed myself getting up the stairs to her room. This was especially a problem on weekends when my house was a mess! Now, with my LED Wall-plate night light I can see just enough to navigate my way up the stairs without stepping on Legos and baseballs.


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