Little Girls Room

First things first, I am NOT a decorator! I have never been very good at coming up with ways to creatively express the styles I enjoy. If I see something, already complete, I can voice a very strong opinion as to whether or not I like it but very seldom can I create something wonderful on my own.

I have lived in my house for six years now and for the majority of those six years the house has had bare walls, no window treatments, and very little presentation of any type of style. In an attempt to remedy this problem I have taken one room per year and worked to spruce it up a bit. Last year we did J5’s room. Originally there was a queen size bed in her tiny space making it impossible for a little girl to play with her plethora of toys. Out went the big bed and in came the day bed.
This is what we started out with.

After a bit of consulting from an interior designer and a professional painter we ended up with this:

I don’t take credit for anything in the room except the tree book shelf, which I saw in a magazine a few years ago and I immediately fell in love with it! The only problem was the price tag. But, after a bit of searching I found a cheaper version of the same tree and decided to decorate the rest of the room to work with the bookcase.

The blue wall with the giant flower gives such a striking first impression! We simply picked a flower out of the fabric from the pillows on the bed, enlarged it with an overhead projector and painted it right on the wall. The result was a perfectly coordinating mural.


Hi Jayme, we have had our eye on this bookshelf for a while as well. I was wondering where you were able to find it for a reasonable price.

By Evan (not verified)

The first time I saw this bookshelf I fell in LOVE WITH IT! I did not, however, fall in love with the $2,000 price tag. After some searching I found it for much less on Amazon. My daughter LOVES it and is constantly moving her treasures around on the different branches.

By jayme

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