But No Elephants, by Jerry Smath

As a kid I remember reading my favorite books over and over again. One of these books was "But No Elephants, by Jerry Smath". Even after 15 years of not opening its pages I could recite the entire thing. As a new mother looking for some worthwhile books to spend my money on I went searching for the Elephant book! Now, three kids later it is still a family favorite.

I especially love reading this story to my two year old as he enthusiastically repeats me every time I say, No ELEPHANTS! He also gets all kinds of excited when there is a "Terrible Crash!!" Grandma Tildy is a beloved character as she works hard to chop fire wood, preserve food for the winter, and cook her friends stew for dinner.

"Grandma Tildy lived all alone, she worked hard every day. She had no time to play"



This was my FAVORITE book when I was little! I bought it for my daughter a few years ago. It doesn't happen to be her favorite but i still enjoy seeing it on her bookshelf! :)

By Brianne (not verified)

I absolutely adored this book growing up and I still had my copy about oh I don't know 20 plus years later I just recently read it to my daughters first grade class and they absolutely loved it I'm so happy to see other people love this book too

By Jeanette (not verified)

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