One Room, Two Boys

Nursery Evacuation

Apparently it is inevitable that one day your baby will not be a baby any more. All three of my kids have abandoned their cribs around the age of two; somehow, instinctively knowing that they were just too big to sleep in a cage. K10 was no different. The transition from crib to bed was simple, a few bed rails and a new and improved bedtime routine was all it took. However, the end of the holidays left me feeling the urge to complete project “nursery evacuation” and to move K10, with all of his belongings, into the big boy room with C7. This project was somewhat torturous as I am quite specific about how I tackle a large undertaking. Because of my lack of time and my inability to find the perfect new dresser to hold the little guys clothes I ended up dividing this project into multiple parts, something I HATE to do! First I started with the toys. Wanting to leave the baby toys in the nursery for a future baby #4 I gathered ALL the toys into the middle of the room for some sorting.

Not long after the sorting process began I realized why I hated the whole toy situation in the nursery. There were far too many toys for the space and there was very little order or organization. After removing all of the big boy toys the baby toys, once again, fit nicely into the bottom drawer and the designated cupboard.

Nursery evacuation part two was a bit more complicated. I had a small dresser in C7’s room that was 100% useless (cute, but useless). The drawers were too shallow to hold anything at all and the top drawer didn’t even open.  I had no where to put another child’s clothes.

I scoured the internet for a dresser that would be big enough to hold all of K10’s clothes but small enough to not take up what little extra space the room had. I was also interested in finding something that wasn’t going to cost a fortune. After weeks of looking, I couldn’t find anything that really jumped out at me so I decided on the temporary fix of baskets on a shelf. Home Depot had a small bookcase with room for 9 baskets for only $36. The shelf wasn’t really attractive but was functional. The worst part about it was the small baskets, I wasn’t sure I could fit as many clothes as I would need to with the space it provided. The availability and the price made the decision for me and I brought the shelf home.

LUCKILY, I didn’t open the box for a few days but waited until I had made a trip to Costco. Costco has great furniture options this time of year and they had the perfect 8 cubby basket shelf that was just what I needed. The price was a bit higher than the one from Home Depot but still very reasonable (plus it came with the baskets).  After a bit of assembly we were in business. C7 was so excited to have a new piece of furniture in his room he insisted on decorating the top of it and proceeded to empty the toys out of his closet.

Finally, after weeks of piecing the room together project Nursery evacuation is complete! The baskets work perfectly to hold all of K10’s clothes, with room to spare. I now have everything of K10’s out of the nursery.

There happened to be a sleeping two year old in the bed when I went to take pictures for this post so the pictures aren’t the greatest but the room looks good; a perfect home for two great little boys!

Every day when it is nap time or night time K10 reminds me "mom, sleep in big boy room now". Yes, the transition has been made.


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