Planter Boxes

Planter Boxes
The front of my house is trimmed with a 20” planter box. When I first moved into my house, about 7 years ago, I planted Dianthis in the front  6” of the planter. Each year I fill in the middle with whatever brightly colored flower suits me and Snap Dragons to add height in the back. This year I alternated Disco Marigolds with Asters. I am still waiting patiently for my Snap Dragons to become well established throughout the flower bed, hopefully by next year!
Dianthis with bulb reminents:
Disco Marigolds
Snap Dragons
Finished Product
Although the Dianthis is beautiful in May and June it doesn’t look very good the remainder of the summer. I am considering taking it out and replacing it with carpet Flox. Maybe next year!
Flower gardening is so much more fun when the options for change are left open! Happy Digging!!

Sundial Birdbath - Fisherboy

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