Planting Tulips in Grass

I have always loved and appreciated living in a climate with 4 distinct seasons but I have to be honest, Spring time in Cedar City is TERRIBLE!! The sun isn’t warm, the snow continues to fall and the wind ALWAYS blows. By April I am so ready for summer I can’t stand it and part of my anxiety comes from wanting to see something colorful.

I have tulips and daffodils planted in my front planter area and my heart always jumps when they peek up through the snowy soil, but I really want more color! My solution was to plant tulip bulbs IN MY LAWN. Yes, this works wonderfully well and I love the effect!
To plant bulbs in the lawn follow these very simple directions.
Buy bulbs: I recommend using A LOT! Flowers that come up in the middle of the grass tend to get a little lost so the more you have the better!
Position bulbs: I wanted some color lining my sidewalk so I laid out my tulips exactly where I wanted them along the cement.
Pull back the grass: This can be done easily with a spade, to get started, and a pair of gloves.
Place the bulbs under the grass: I didn’t even dig a hole, I just buried the bulb with the lawn.
Return the grass to its original position: Give it a few days and you won’t even know it was disturbed!
** Wait **
*** Wait some More***
When the weather doesn't allow for anything else to be beautiful, enjoy the tulips!
I loved growing spring flowers in my lawn! Because I have dogs, (and kids) my lawn looks pretty bad by the time winter is over and brightly colored flowers helps it to look far less gloomy.
When the blossoms are gone all it takes is a quick trip over the top of the tulips with the lawn mower to hide all evidence that they ever even existed.
I look forward to adding more blossoms to my grass this fall!




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