Primary President Checklist


Primary Presidency New Year Checklist
The final quarter of the year is always a busy time for a Primary Presidency. I often find myself making list after list of decisions I need to make, projects I need to complete, and plans I need to decide on. Not all Primary Presidents do things the same but here is a list of items that are currently occupying my mind.
1- Birthday Gifts (to be given on Sunday during opening exercises) Dog tags on a necklace that say “I am a Child of God” (or a key chain!).
2- Birthday Recognition from the presidency (extra effort made by the presidency to specifically recognize each individual child)
a.       Two years ago the presidency and I called all 220 kids in the primary on their birthday. Because our ward was SOO large it was quite a task but we did it and the kids appreciated a call, especially the little ones.
b.      This year we had a monthly birthday party for all the kids with a birthday that month. We ate cake and ice cream, played birthday party games and made an extra effort to get to know the kids.
c.       Next year we are planning to send the kids something fun in the mail. Who doesn’t like mail? AND the post office will mail just about anything as long as it weighs less than 13oz. Some ideas we have are:
                                                               i.      A Frisbee (Hope you had a soarin great day)
                                                             ii.      A Ball (Have a BALL on your birthday)
                                                            iii.      A message in a bottle (Birthday Wishes floating your way!)
                                                           iv.      A Large Candy Bar (Roses are red, candy is sweet, your birthday is special so enjoy this treat)
3- Spotlight - After having the kids fill out a ‘spotlight’ sheet for a few years we decided to do something different this year with the “Choose the Right” theme. Each Sunday we invite 2 kids to tell something they did during the week to choose the right. Next year I will have the kids draw a ‘getting to know you’ question out of a jar. I would also like to get a baby picture of each kid to hang on our “I am a Child of God” Bulletin board.  Click HERE for my list of getting to know you Questions.
4- Bulletin Board- We have a large primary and a small bulletin board but I would really like to put up a picture of each kid with a title that says, “I am a Child of God” or "We are God's Children"
5- Great to be 8 – Baptism Preview program
a.       Invitations: Invite all children turning 8 Click for WORD Doc
b.      Program: Click for WORD click for PDF
c.       Books: Baptism book files click HERE
d.      Towels: each year we embroider the kids names on a white towel and present them on the night of the baptism preview along with the baptism book.
e.      Food: Traditionally we enjoy cupcakes and punch!
f.        Decorations: To emphasize the symbol of becoming clean after baptism we will cover the black board with white sheets and use pictures of the kids for decorations.
g.       Journal covers: The Sunday after a baptism we give each kid a journal and encourage them to write down their thoughts and feelings of their baptism day. The journals are a simple notebook with a cover attached. Click for JPEG or PDF
6-      6- Program Songs (For the months of April and May)
a.       April – The Golden Plates
b.      May – Book of Mormon Stories vs 6,7,8
7-      7- Teachers Binders
a.       Letter to teachers and Class List: HERE
b.      Reverence Talk: HERE
c.       Binder Covers teachers: JPG - PDF
d.      Sub List
e.      Lesson Schedule: HERE
 8-    8- Door Signs: JPEG - PDF
            9- Baptism Schedule
             10- Advancement Schedule (Faith in God Awards)
      11- Teacher Appreciation: Each quarter we do something to recognize our teachers and thank them for their hard work.
               a. 1st quarter we meet with each teacher on a Sunday; we give them a treat and ask if they have any questions or concerns.
               b. 2nd quarter we have a garden party where all the teachers, activity days leaders, and cub scout leaders are invited to my house, along with their wives to have a small treat.
               c. 3rd quarter we have a meeting with all teachers on a Sunday during sharing time to discuss successful teaching methods and problems.
               d. 4th quarter we have a Christmas party where we eat a light dinner, and watch a video of the kids in primary. I usually prepare a short talk about the importance of being a great primary teacher and encourage primary workers to magnify their callings.
I believe I have all of the files posted on this page now. If there is something you need that you cannot find please leave me a comment and I will get it to you as quickly as I can!

 Click HERE for more great Primary Presidency Ideas and tips!



I'm so sorry this took so long to answer, I have been having some programming issues.

The invitation are now on the Primary Presidency Checklist post. HERE

By jayme

I'm so sorry to bother you! You've done some AMAZING things here! We are a new presidency and trying to figure out what to do for Great To Be 8. I was unable to open any of your files on that section. :( Would you mind contacting me and sending them to me via email? Thanks so much!!

By Laura Albrecht (not verified)

I have obviously had a bit of a computer issue... I'm not sure what happened to all of my PDF links but I am working to get them fixed ASAP! Check back tomorrow to see if they are working, if not I will email them to you on Friday.

I hope this doesn't postpone your Great to be 8 Planning too much!

By jayme

Wow! This is great! Just got called to be Primary President. The last time I was in Primary... I was IN Primary. My head is swimming. May I have your primary resources in a pdf? That would be great!

By Jannika (not verified)

So many great ideas. Please send me the PDF files. I would greatly appreciate it.

By Stephanie (not verified)

I am a new Primary President and I love your ideas. I clicked on the get to know you questions and they were not there. Is there anyway you could send me this pdf file? and the rest as well? thanks

By Brenda Bunnell (not verified)

 Brenda I am out of town but I will send you this file asap!!

Good luck on your new calling.


By jayme

I was just called into our Primary Presidency, my first time serving in Primary. I love everything you have listed here! Would you mind sending me a copy of the PDFs as well? Thank you so much for all of your hard work and being willing to share with others!

By S. Clayton (not verified)

I do believe all of my PDF files are here on this site so you should be able to just click on the link and open any that you need. If something isn't working let me know and I will fix it or email you the document you are looking for. These files are way too big to send them all at once so it works best to open them from the blog post.


By jayme

I would LOVE PDF and EXCELL/WORD copies of your stuff!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

By Aubrey Rentschler (not verified)

All of my PDF files are now here on the website. Let me know if you are unable to access them and I will figure out what is wrong.


By jayme

I was recently called to be Primary President and have been scouring the internet for ideas on having an effective Primary Presidency and Primary! Your ideas are wonderful and I'm becoming less anxious about things as I go along. This is my second time I've been Primary President, but I was only in my calling 4 months the first time around because we ended up moving. Thanks again for these great nuggets of advice.

By Coreen B. (not verified)


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