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I must confess I did not buy K10 a present for his 1st birthday. I look at the masses of toys my kids have and I constantly ask myself, WHY!!! Why do they have them, why do they need them, and why do I continue to spend money them? Most of what we have was acquired as a gift from a well intending family member on Christmas or a birthday. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the effort and the thought. I understand that gift giving is a method of showing affection. I couldn’t be more pleased to know that there are so many people who care about my children. However, most of the toys we own do not get played with. Scattered around the house, yes; played with, no. As unfair as it may be to the younger members of the family I simply couldn’t bring myself to purchase another toy to add to one of the many piles flitting about the house. My solution was to dig into the never ending tunnel of “stuff that’s too little for my kids” storage.  Amongst my findings was a wooden ‘Radio Flyer Classic Tiny Trike’.

Radio Flyer

I remembered with sure clarity watching C7 cruise around the kitchen on this thing for HOURS! We took it everywhere with us and it was very seldom he wasn’t sitting on it.

After living under the stairs for a year or so the bike wasn’t in great shape but still worked well. 1-year-old K10 would never notice the scratched paint and somewhat wobbly handlebars. As with C7, K10 was thrilled and has logged countless laps around the kitchen and numerous miles down the driveway. Again the little Radio Flyer became a fixture in the back of the car, going wherever we happened to go. My neighbors have many memories of me running down the street chasing the runaway bike with a grinning little boy on top. A contractor building the house next door watched and laughed almost every morning this summer as K10 crinkled his nose at me and turned to ride down the hill.  The contractor commented on my lack of speed and the little guys’ determination to get away from me. My fifty bucks was well spent!

Then one day the inevitable happened. The handle bars broke off the bike and our trips down the street were over.

Radio Flyer

K10 was feeling lost and hopeless as he would wander out to the garage, sit on the broken bike and say ‘fix it’ in a very unintelligible 18 month old voice. He was simply too little to understand the concept of ‘broken’. After about 3 days of watching this horrible display of gloominess I broke down and bought a new bike. After all, I never actually bought him a birthday present so I owed it to him, right? Now we have a happy boy once again and His Mom is back to running down the street on a regular basis.

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Hi Jayme!

I found your blog while doing a search for Radio Flyer Tiny Trikes. I came across this post and was absolutely delighted. What a sweet boy you have!

Over the weekend, my husband "restored" our baby boy's Tiny Trike. I took our 1-year-old out shopping while my husband was busy in the garage working on the tiny trike.

When I returned home, he was finished with the restoration, but to my absolute horror, HE PAINTED OVER THE RADIO FLYER LOGO--the cutest thing about the tiny trike!! I have been in fits. I can't imagine why he painted over the logo.

Then I came across your blog post! I was wondering if by any chance you kept K10's old tiny trike. I would be willing to pay for the red wooden piece of his old trike so we can use it for my baby's trike. It's just not the same trike without the iconic white logo. We are also missing one red "hub cap" on one of the front wheels.

Please let me know if you kept K10's old Tiny Trike from last summer.

Many, many thanks!

Laura Lee

By Laura Lee (not verified)

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