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I love to eat salad but it sure does take some time to cut up all the stuff that goes into making it taste good. I use to buy bags of the readymade stuff but I really can’t stomach it anymore, AND it seems to go bad in a matter of days. Romaine lettuce is my favorite and crunchy celery is a MUST so I have started making a large salad once a week, complete with green onions, diced cucumbers, broccoli, and an orange bell pepper. Of course I can’t eat a large salad in one sitting (even with my husband’s help) so I store the leftovers in a large mason jar (if the salad is really big I use a ½ gallon jar). Because all of the work and all of the mess are already complete and gone it is so easy to pull out the jar and a bottle of dressing for a quick and delicious lunch. If I am looking to add a bit of protein I add a hand full of grilled chicken (from the freezer!), sliced hard boiled eggs, chopped pepperoni, tuna fish, or diced ham. I have even added sliced leftover pot roast or steak. The Mason jar keeps the lettuce fresh and everything stays crisp! I haven’t actually tested to see how long it will last before going bad because it just doesn’t last that long. Having it all prepared and ready makes it an instant go-to option for a quick meal.

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I haven't tried this before. My salads always seem to go bad too quickly!

I just recently tried saving extra salad in mason jars and it worked well! I did place a damp folded paper towel ontop of the salad under the lid to guard against drying or wilting. I wanted to pass along to your readers that if you layer your hard crunchy veggies (celery, peppers, onions, carrots) and protien ( cubed meats, cheese, beans) on the very bottom, you can also put your dressing at the bottom and your lettuce will not get soggy. So nice to have a healthy portable lunch! Your site has been very motivational for me...thank you for all the time and love it takes!

By Kelly (not verified)

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