Snowy Days of Spring



If you will notice, there is not a road anywhere in site. According to Snotel there is still 58 inches of snow on the other side of the invisible road. The snow continues to completely cover the north side roof. We do manage to get to the cabin during the winter a few times to check on things. The kids love getting all bundled up to ride the snowmobiles. The first few hours of our trip are usually spent shoveling the snow off the front porch so we can find the front door. Last year we built a slide from the top of the snow six feet down to the front door, we never found the steps (which typically go UP, not DOWN). Here are a few pictures of our snowmobiling trip in January:


Sledding off the roof is always a highlight!

CabinJ5 enjoyed sitting on top of the roof taking in the view. I wish I had a picture of the valley behind the cabin from her view point, it truly is breathtaking.



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