A snowy retreat.

June 10, 2011

We drove to the cabin last weekend; more as a challenge than a peaceful get away. The kids enjoyed driving through the mud puddles and the 15 foot snow drifts; of course my husband appeased them by driving fast so the water would fully engulf the truck. I'm not sure the dogs in the back approved of the game taking place in the front seat.

Smith Flat

The county plows the main road to Kolob Reservoir, but the private road into the cabin is still impassable so we drove a four wheeler down the long muddy driveway. K10 was quite fascinated by the towering snow drifts but he wasn't sure he liked getting his hands wet and muddy. He kept pointing and saying "that"! Making sure I saw the amazing site he too was looking at.


There was still snow up to the roof on the north side. The dogs ran up to the top for a better view as if they knew this would be an impossible feat in one more week. The air was warm and comfortable, making the presence of the snow almost inconceivable.


Darkness surrounded us as we ventured into the north wing hallway, like a secret tunnel adventuring into a glacier of ice.

Peering out the window the sea foam blue snow reflected the sun shining through the frozen cave.


We will be visiting the cabin again this weekend; the temperatures have finally reached summer time norms so it will be interesting to see how much of the cavern still remains.



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