Spring Cleaning All Year Check List

Spring Cleaning All Year Check List

I have all but given up on writing articles about housework and organization, not because they haven’t been successful (in fact, they have been my most successful posts) but because I get a little tired of the negative comments I receive. I believe I am speaking for many bloggers when I say that our posts on how to keep our homes and lives in order are not textbook demonstrations of our perfect lives. Rather they are our own personal goals and aspirations to become a little better, be a little more organized and live a little less crazy of a life. Does this list exist in my pocket of organizational tools? Yes. Do I ALWAYS follow through with EVERYTHING on the list? No. This is my guide, my prompt, my encouragement, and my reminder to take care of the little things that make a big difference without overwhelming my life all at once.  I’m not a blogger because I think my life is more put together than the lady down the street. I write about my life because I enjoy it and I hope I can do or say something that will make someone else’s life a little easier.  

So here is a list of projects to do around the house that, when done on schedule, will help your house to feel clean all year around. I’m sure this list is not exclusive so feel free to share the projects you have on your list that the rest of us might benefit from.
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Additonal Information for completing this list:
Daily: Check out my post "Just Do it Every Day" to help you stay ahead of the daily clutter.
Weekly: These are the most difficult to stay ahead of so here are some additional resources to help out.
Friday - Kitchen Appliances
(I use stainless steel cleaner for the outside of my appliances and hot soapy water for the inside)
Here are a few more tips on closet cleaning as well:


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