Standing in the Rainbow

by Fannie Flagg

I cannot recollect reading a book prior to “Standing in the Rainbow” where the plot of the story travels through so many decades while following so many characters. Beginning in small town America during the 1940’s Neighbor Dorothy is broadcasting a radio show in her living room while publically documenting the daily lives of her family and friends. (I was tickled to know that blogging was not a new idea but has, in fact, been around for a very long time.  Just as bloggers of today place banner ads and commission based product reviews on their sites so too did Neighbor Dorothy spread the word about her advertisers. I dare say it is easier now to start a simple blog than it would be to contract with a radio station to set up a broadcasting tower in your back yard!)

As the story of Standing in the Rainbow begins the reader is left with the impression that subsequent chapters will outline the lives of Neighbor Dorothy’s children but in fact they become a minimal part of the tale. As the decades unfold Fannie Flagg takes us into the lives of gospel singers, politicians, the newlyweds down the street, a hilarious undertaker, the town hairdresser, and the ideas and concepts of everyday American citizens.  

Fannie Flagg does an amazing job keeping all of the stories and characters straight, never leaving the reader wondering where everything fits in. All the questions are answered and the back cover is closed with a feeling of completion. The story is long but moves fast and stays interesting. Anyone who lived during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s will no doubt be taken for a walk down memory lane as this happy uplifting story reminds us of how things use to be and gives us reason to be thankful for what we have today.



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