T-Shirt Quilt Top

When I graduated from High School I had an entire closet full of t-shirts from various activities, tournaments, and ball teams. I knew I wasn't going to be wearing them much in the future, I had hardly worn them in the past, but I didn't really want to throw them away either. So, I picked my favorites, cut out the graphics and zigzagged them onto a quilt top (2 45" wide pieces of fabric sewn together).

Each time I look at the quilt I remember many things: the disaster I made of the 'class of 99' sweatshirt in home economics, the bus trip to the Page Arizona Holiday Basketball tournament  (along with a number of hilarious and unforgettable escapades), blocking in the Page Invitational against a girl who was 5 inches taller than me, getting a yellow card in the Utah Summer Games, undefeated volleyball seasons, sadly defeated basketball seasons, names of class members I never see anymore, and many other adventures that were once of great value to my life long ago.
I still very much enjoy watching a good ball game, but other than the random adventure to the local university, or a few snipits on Sports Center just before bed I’m not very involved in team related athletics anymore. My kids will soon be old enough to start participating in real sports competitions and I look forward watching them develop their talents and enjoy some of the same experiences I enjoyed as a child. My t-shirt quilt has been a great way to preserve my memories.


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