Thanksgiving Pictures

Most of my siblings were planning to spend Thanksgiving with their in-laws this year so my mom decided we would have a big Thanksgiving dinner on Monday. The day was filled with plenty of cooking, lots of little kids running around, and some good old fashion family togetherness.

The first thing on the list of items to enter the oven was the banana squash, to be used later for pumpkin pie.

After the banana squash was cooked, cleaned out, and blended we made 2 delicious 'pumpkin' pies.

Next came the turkey. A traditional bake in the bag to perfection bird ready for the table just in time.

I placed my focus on the pie department, guarding the German chocolate cream pie with my life while keeping a very close eye on the 2 banana cream pies sitting near by.

Unfortunately, as is often the case when I make pecan pie, the appearance and flavor were great but the middle didn't set up so we had a bit of a runny mess. Luckily we aren't picky eaters and enjoyed it anyway.

Everyone is helping with the stuffing...

..while I attempt to open the sugar.

Right on schedule the pool and ping pong tables are set and dinner is served!

Our Thanksgiving dinner menu consisted of:


Turkey (with Cranberry Sauce)Rolls
StuffingPecan Pie
Mashed Potatoes & GravyPumpkin Pie
Sweet PotatoesGerman Chocolate Cream Pie
Dixie Salad (recipe to come soon)Banana Cream Pie

We had 12 adults and 10 children (all under the age of 7). The kids had been running around for hours but found 15 minutes to stop and eat a bite of turkey. The adults enjoyed sitting around the table eating until they could no longer wiggle and discussing the vastly important issues of life (mostly football). In the end the day was very successful and we are truly grateful for the lives we live and the family we have.



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