Tupperware Organization

Tupperware Organization
Have you ever been going about your day, minding your own business, trying to accomplish your list of tasks only to realize that a drawer or cupboard (or both) have somehow developed a mind of their own and have gotten WAY off track, moving towards being completely dysfunctional? Such is the story of my Tupperware. After trying to find ‘the perfect sized container’ for my dinner left overs I discovered a drawer that wouldn’t open and a cupboard that was full of who knows what; time for something to be done.
If you have had an experience similar to mine, come follow me to a place of happy drawers!
In the beginning:

A Clean Slate

All the Mess
Matching lids, building a tower
Trash travelers
Aaahhhh… So beautiful!
Yes, I believe it feels SOO nice to have a clean lid drawer and mixing bowl/tupperware cupboard. I threw away all lids with no containers and all containers with no lids. Now everything is functional, neat, and smiling.

Airtight Food Storage Container Set - 16


Looks much better but you should invest in one of Tupperware's "Place for Seals" so you can find all those seals a little easier!

By Arlene Crichton (not verified)

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