Visit Charleston South Carolina

Charleston South Carolina
After years of anticipation Logan and I were able to spend a wonderful week in Charleston and Savannah. The week was filled with talk of architecture, history and good food. Here was our itinerary:
Arrive in Charleston at 10:00am Monday morning. Stopped by the visitor center to buy house tour tickets and pick up a map.
12am – 2pm: The Aiken-Rhett House – I enjoyed this 1 hour audio tour of the un-restored Aiken Rhett House. Although I appreciate the efforts made to put historical homes back into their ‘original’ condition I enjoy the cracked walls, faded paint and exposed brickwork of homes left alone.


2-4pm: The Joseph Manigault House – The walls of this house have seen a great deal! In its lifetime you could look out the windows and see anything from beautiful gardens, slave quarters, a Laundromat, or a gas station. From the inside there are brightly colored walls and numerous doors leading nowhere. I was especially thankful to one of the ladies who worked at this museum as she could tell I had a tired baby and the tour guide we were originally assigned to was not moving very quickly, so we were given our own private tour.


4-6pm: The streets of Charleston – Most of the tours in Charleston close at 4:30 so we were unable to make it inside any more houses this first day. We did, however, very much enjoy the exterior of many beautiful homes and gardens!

6-7pm: Hymans Seafood – We did our best to only eat at local restaurants. Hyman’s Seafood did not disappoint! We ate fried pickles and grits, BBQ shrimp, Cajun shrimp, Buffalo shrimp, shrimp and grits, and hushpuppies.
7-8pm: Charleston waterfront – After dinner we took an evening walk down to look across the water towards Fort Sumter. The weather was perfect and the view was beautiful!

Apparently we were more tired than we thought we would be because it was extremely difficult to get out of bed Tuesday morning. We finally found the road towards the plantations at 10:30am. After driving for a while we decided to stop for an early lunch since we missed breakfast.
Ye Ole Fashioned Café was the lucky spot for lunch where we ate an enormous BLT and a bowl of chicken Gumbo.
12-2pm: Drayton Hall – William Henry Drayton served 17 months as a delegate for the first Continental Congress. His house was my favorite!! When talking to the Concierge at the motel I was told to avoid going on the tour of Drayton hall because I had a baby with me and the tour lasted over an hour. I am SO glad I did not listen! The baby was great, our tour guide was fantastic and the house was amazing. With more doors that lead to nowhere, an amazing basement kitchen, beautiful plaster ceilings and markings on the wall where one of the owners measured the height of her dogs this house was the highlight of the trip!

2-5pm: The Middleton Place –Although the main house at the Middleton place is no longer standing one of the flankers still exists and holds an impressive collection of Middleton silver, furniture and other items of value. I enjoyed learning the history of Arthur Middleton but mostly enjoyed the beautiful gardens and oak trees.

After leaving the Middleton place we headed south on Hwy 17 towards Savannah. We ate dinner at the Alligator Soul restaurant and went to bed!
Check back soon for more historical adventures in Savannah Georgia!


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