Visit Savannah Georgia

Visiting Savannah Georgia

Our days in Savannah started out with the Andrew Low House and the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace. Both homes were beautiful and breathtakingly extravagant. I found humor in learning the story of a young man who after inheriting his uncles’ fortune became an irresponsible playboy. I suppose human nature hasn’t changed much in the last 200 years. I was equally encouraged to learn that the wife of the above mentioned man was a bright, hardworking changer of lives who, regardless of her husband’s escapades, decided to do something valuable with her life and created the Girl Scouts of America.

For lunch we stopped at a messy little café called “The Soda Pop Shop” where we ate a delicious sandwich while watching the café owner greet customers by name as local business people came in and ordered “the usual”. I didn’t know people actually did that!?!

After lunch we headed over to the Isaiah Davenport House and the Owens-Thomas house. Again, both were great fun to wander through while learning about the lives of the people who once lived there. I was holding a sleeping baby during our time outside the Owens-Thomas house so I didn’t get any pictures but I do remember it had “running water” and multiple large cisterns. The working basement was amazingly primitive while the upstairs was nothing but lavish wealth.
Isaiah Davenport
By the time we finished the Owens Thomas house it was 4:30 and too late to catch any more tours so we headed over to Leopolds for some energizing Lemon Custard Ice Cream (my all time favorite!) and a caramel sundae.

With no more tours to jump into we opted for a nice long walk along the river front. Dinner time found us at River House Seafood where we enjoyed fried seafood, Chicken Marsala and more shrimp and grits.

Savannah has a very different atmosphere than Charleston. Whereas Charleston feels like an old, small, intimate town Savannah feels very modern and ‘big city’. I am unfamiliar with the actual crime rate in Savannah but I wasn’t exactly comfortable having my baby out on the streets after dark; but I never once even thought about our safety in Charleston. We had a long and busy day so we headed back to the motel before sundown.
Thursday was identified as a travel day. A time to see the things that weren’t really close to anything else and required some driving time.
First we headed out to the Wormsloe Plantation where there is the most AMAZING 1.5 MILE oak lined avenue. This massive row of trees was well worth the drive; for a minute it made me wish I didn’t live in the middle of the dessert so I could see beautiful trees more often! However, while we were walking along some of the trails at Wormsloe we saw a great big black snake coming out of the marsh and I was again grateful for my home in the southwest (rattle snakes at least give a little warning).  

Heading back into South Carolina the baby needed a break so we found ourselves at a fun little restaurant called Jaspers Porch. We filled up on, yet some MORE, fried food including some very yummy fried pickles!

Boone Hall, in Mount Pleasant South Carolina was our final destination; what a wonderful way to end a trip! As we drove up the oak lined avenue the plantation looked vaguely familiar. I soon found out that Boone Hall often finds its way into movies, including one of my favorites as a teenager, North and South.  I loved every minute of the tram ride we took to see all of the fields and farm grounds. This didn’t do much to cure my undying desire to own a farm… maybe one day.
(I thought it was very interesting they used pine needles as ground cover around their plants, trees and in their walkways)
On our final evening in Charleston we stayed at the John Rutledge Bed and Breakfast. We weren’t overly hungry after our large lunch at Jaspers Porch so we went to Toast and had a bowl of soup and a salad. All in all we had a great trip with a whole lot of history and architecture… but I was awfully glad to see my kids again!




I leave near sav and always enjoying going down there. there's so much stuff to check out between downtown and even the pooler area now is getting huge with a lot of new businesses.

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