Whitney Pockets

The Whitney Pockets
In the desert near Mesquite Nevada, just up the road from Lake Mead is a place called the “Whitney Pockets”. As a young child I spend many hours here; flying kites, hiking, and having picnics. This undeveloped camping area received its name “Whitney” from my great great grandfather who ran his cattle here back in the days before the Hoover Dam was built and when the town of St Thomas still existed.
During the great depression the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) constructed a dam, a watering trough, and a store room to be used by the local ranchers, my ancestors. After the Hoover Dam was completed in 1935 my family left St Thomas and moved to Southern Utah, but they continued to own a ranch near the Whitney Pockets.  
Now, when the freezing temperatures of Utah leave us yearning for some blue skies and warm sunshine we find ourselves driving two and a half hours southbound to the  desolate wilderness of Nevada where we enjoy hiking up the steep steps to the ‘pockets’ and exploring the ranchers shelter. In the years we have camped and picnicked at the Whitney Pockets we have enjoyed a variety of desert wildlife and some of the most magnificent thunderstorms imaginable. The thirsty earth breathes a sigh of relief as the torrential rain flows down the smooth sandstone cliffs to relieve the parched vegetation. 
Our spring time visits are packed with kite flying and Easter egg hunts while our Fall expeditions often include scary costumes, trick or treating, and LARGE amounts of Navajo Tacos.

So if you are looking for a great desert camping spot and you live in Southern Utah, Nevada or California check out the Whitney Pockets, just outside of Mesquite Nevada.




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