The Woman in White

The Woman in White, Wilkie Collins

A few years ago I attempted to read “The Moonstone, by Wilkie Collins”. I enjoyed the mystery but was unable, at that particular time in my life, to handle the length. I stopped reading about ¾ of the way through in order to keep up with my book club friends who had moved on.
When “The Woman in White” was assigned at book group (a few years after my failed attempt at The Moonstone) I was a bit worried. Wilkie Collins didn’t appear to be the type of author that solved his mysteries quickly and I hated to face the possibility of leaving, yet another, Collins book unfinished. Turns out I had no problem getting to the end of Woman in White, I enjoyed it very much!
Often considered one of the very first mystery novels, The Woman in White was great fun to read. I never flipped off my e-reader without wondering what would be happening on the pages to come. The characters were very captivating; including a silly little Italian professor, an ugly faced sister, a beautiful maiden, a fat Count who loves mice, a hypochondriac uncle, and a mysterious woman dressed in white.  The mystery runs deep as Walter Hartwright unravels a myriad of issues involving political exile, burning buildings, falsified marriage records, and the true parentage of  the women in white.
Unlike the ill feeling, graphic mystery novels of our time; The Woman in White was suspenseful without being psycho, intriguing without being disturbing.  Made me excited to starting looking for more classic mystery!


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