Wrapping Paper Station

Wrapping Paper Storage Station
Last week a very sad faced J5 came into the kitchen and said, ‘Mom, I’m sorry I broke it.’ After deciphering exactly WHAT was broken it turns out the plastic wrapping paper storage box is not a great alternative to a ladder.

I had despised that box from the day I bought it. It was like a gift bag black hole where everything fell endlessly to the bottom and knowing what existed there was always impossible. The excavation process was much more trouble than it was worth and the paper tubes were always being damaged. I can’t even count how many fingernails I have broken trying to open the lid. I almost wished everyone would stop having birthdays so I wouldn’t have to mess with the wrapping supplies.
I thanked J5 for the motivation I needed to come up with a different solution.
After wandering the isles of Home Depot this is what I came home with:
Key hook holder: $11
Drap Hooks: 2x $5
¾ inch Dowel: 2x $4
18” Oak Towel Bar: $5
Desk Organizer: $18
Total: $52
Here is the end result.

A bit of wrapping paper organization advice; get rid of most of it! I found this awesome blue polka dot paper that I love and I have a roll of plain white paper (I alternate buying plain white and a light tan cardboard color) that works for everything. I adjust the look of the package with different colors of ribbons and tabs, which are much easier to store than rolls of paper.
To make the ribbon holder I used an 18-inch oak towel bar, drilled out one side of the rod holder (for easy removal of the ribbon spools) and mounted it sideways. (Drilling out the end wasn’t exactly easy because I didn’t have a very large drill bit but it wasn’t impossible either. Persistence always wins!)

The Martha Steward desk organizer attached to the wall works great for holding scissors, tape, pens, tags and tissue paper.


A simple hook rail keeps gift bags easily accessible and free from squashing. I wish, however, I would have bought a 5 hook holder rather than just a 3 hook, I didn’t realize how many gift bags I had.


Wow, that is so cute!! I love all the colors of ribbon. Good job!

Really nice, really cool DIY idea. I order a lot of papermart wrapping supplies an I know what it means having messed up wrapping paper damaged where you store them. In my case, I made boxes similar to those aluminum foil boxes. That way I can store them safely and easy pull out the paper without unrolling the whole thing.

By Cristy Simmons (not verified)

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